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Wipro Elite NTH Interview Experience 2022

  • Last Updated : 13 Dec, 2021

B-TECH – (2018-2022)

Computer Science and Engineering

Difficulty Level: Medium

Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2021

Wipro NTH Elite is a National Level hiring program for fresher’s hiring.

I applied for the same program in August and the Exam happened in September

There are several rounds in order to secure a job at Wipro, such as:

  1. Aptitude+ Coding+ Essay Round
  2. Business Discussion Round ( Technical + HR)

Round 1(Apptitude+ Coding+ Essay): In the first round, there are 3 parts in Aptitude which are Quants (easy to moderate level), Reasoning (Easy), English (Easy). To clear these rounds with ease you will need to practice questions on a regular basis and If you have practiced them for a month then I hope you will be able to crack them without a problem,  

  • Suggested topics include Interest, Pipes & Cistern, Speed Distance & Time, Percentages, Ratio & Proportion, etc.
  • I was confident in quants parts and solving these questions on regular basis also helped me to get better at the Reasoning part. The English section was very easier especially the vocabulary section was quite simple if you have  a habit of reading novels or newspapers

The next part is coding which involves 2 questions to be solved in an hour

  1. The First question was conditional based and if you are clear with basic algorithms then you can solve it in 10-15 minutes easily or even less
  2. The Second question was also easy that was based on string.

I was able to solve both codes in 25 minutes

  • Next in the line was an essay writing part in which they will ask you to write an essay on an assigned topic, it will be based on something we experience daily or the things which are happening around us in recent times so better to have vigilance on the world around.
  • After you clear this round they will mail you regarding your status first, after a few days they will schedule a Business Discussion Round which is a confluence of both Technical and HR.

Round 2(Business Discussion Round): My Technical and HR round was scheduled at 5 november on 10:00 am to 10:30 am but due to some network issue I could not give my interview but after some days my interview was scheduled at 21 November at 11:00 am.

1-Introduction – Better try to tell about yourself like about your academics, internship, projects, (mainly final year projects), and your achievements, etc.

2-Final year project – I mentioned my final year project and I had told about our team and how many changes we are facing and as a team leader how i am managing my project team and  i had told that in future we will deploy it for public.

3-Hobbies and family background –  I had told about my hobbies and my family background and after that, they was asking me some switch action based questions.

4-Strength and Weakness – I had told about my strength and weakness after that they was explaining my strength.

5-Which is the best moment of your life?

6-Which is your mentor?

7- Where you want to see yourself after three years?

After these questions, he moved onto some HR discussions such as,

  • Bond at Wipro
  • Night Shifts
  • Relocation

After that they was asking me, have you any questions – (if you have any question then you can ask from them) 

Result: Selected

I would like to suggest focusing on everything you have mentioned in your resume, do not mention unnecessary details because they will find it and you will get embarrassed and keep on learning at the GeeksforGeeks platform. 

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