Wipro Elite NLTH Interview Experience

Round 1: It was an online exam. in which aptitude, reasoning, email/essay writing, coding sections are there. this test is going to happen on “AMCAT”. so it was quite easy, just feel confident and prepare the basics at your best in apti, reasoning. the paper is not so hard. just be prepare yourself, neither take it lite as well nor get so depressed.

Round 2: It is a Technical Interview, that was highly focused on your Resume. so whatever you write in your resume prepare that, and if you add a language then basic program and question were asked. in java, constructor question where asked and basic programming of string was asked with me.

Round 3: Last and HR round, either it is on skype or direct interview. you have 90% chances to get selected if you make it to this round. this round just checks your communicational skills. about yourself, your best experience, such questions where asked. just be confident. all the best!

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