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Wipro Elite NLTH Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2022
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Wipro conducted Elite National Level Talent Hunt 2019 for the 1st time. 

There was total 3 Round : 

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Round 1(Online Test): There were questions comprised of quants, logical reasoning, English, essay, and coding. 

  • For coding 2 questions are given we can write code using C, C++, Java, Python.
  • Coding question are of moderate levels. Total duration was about 2.30hrs.
  • I got select from 1st round and called for technical interview.

Round 2(Technical interview): Firstly interviewer asked me to introduce myself. 

  • Then asked me to write a code on string reverse without function in java.
  • Once I wrote the code he asked me few questions on java like what is constructor in java, is java 100% object oriented, difference between c++ and java.
  • He was satisfied with my answers. Then asked some project related questions.
  • Post that he given me a situation ‘If you saw once of your coworker is performing some unethical work what will be your primary responsibility. I said ‘will try to collect evidence and then report it to my manager’. He convinced.
  • Then asked me if I have any backlog or arrears in college, education gap, etc.
  • Within few minutes got to know that I have cleared technical interview. Then called for HR.

Round 3(HR interview): Firstly she congrats me for clearing 1st and 2nd round. 

  • Then asked to introduce myself.
  • Followed by my strengths, goals, why i want to join Wipro, if I’m ready to relocate, whether having any educational gap, backlog.
  • I answered all the questions confidently. She was extremely friendly.

And then finally after 2days got a mail from HR stating I have been selected.

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