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Wipro Elite NLTH 2019 Interview

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Round 1: Written round
This was the first round where they asked questions about aptitude, reasoning essay writing, and verbal ability.

In the technical section, there were two programs are present you can do that program in any one of language such as c, java.

Program is not tough as like there was a program which is basically balanced parenthesis question like check that parenthesis is invalid or not.

Example: (()) ())  it is not valid form.

Second programming question is about circular array rotation you had to rotate an array at given times.

This was all about the first round.

All the selected students have gone to the second round which is technical hr round.

Round 2: Technical Hr round

This was the second round they were asked some question based upon DBMS like what is keys explain and basic data structure like a linked list, stack queues

The interviewer asked a question about what is structure and union and what is an array

Some question they asked from java like multiple inheritances in java, what is the difference between abstract class and interface and write a program to give the reason, Multithreading basic questions.

Mainly they focused upon your project which you mentioned in your resume. Definitely, they will ask about your project. In my case many students rejected from this round Because of lacking the preparation in project

Not need to become a smart person.

You can’t make fool of an HR person so please be prepared about your project.

Round 3:Hr round 

This is the simplest round they ask questions like:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Strength and weakness.
  • Family background
  • Why do you want join Wipro ?
  • What is Wipro ?
  • On Which technology Wipro currently working ?
  • Now some question based upon your interest
  • Which sport’s do you like most
  • Which is your favorite player in cricket
  • Do you know about some other sports like badminton, boxing..
  • Sports is necessary or not

And they said all of okay do you agree with wipro’s terms and conditions..

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Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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