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Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2021

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I had registered for Wipro NTH off-campus placement drive.

Round 1(Online Test): Consisting of 3 sections

  1. Section 1- Quants + Verbal + Logical
  2. Section 2- Two Coding questions
  3. Section 3- Essay writing of 400 words.

The total duration was 128 minutes.

I got my interview mail after 15 days.

Round 2: It consisted of TR as well as HR round and lasted for 15 minutes approx.

  • I was asked to introduce myself.
  • Then the interviewer asked me about my project and my role in the team.
  • Next, I was asked which programming language I was comfortable in, and a few basic questions like what is function overloading, difference between structure & union, pointer, pointer to pointer and difference between for and while loop.
  • Then the interviewer asked me whether I had given any presentation to an audience or spoken publicly. Also, if I would be comfortable addressing an audience.
  •  Lastly, the interviewer asked me whether I would be able to relocate. 
  • And “do you have any questions for me?”

Finally, I got my letter of intent after a week!

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2021
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