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Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt Interview Experience 2020

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  • Round 1 : Online Test

As you all know that Wipro conducted the National Talent Hunt exam all over the world.

The questions were mainly asked on Aptitude, Logical and verbal ability, Essay Writing.

In the technical section there were two codes open to all major languages like java, C, C++, python etc.

The coding questions were too easy and I solved both the questions and passed all the test cases

After giving the mail I received the interview Invite for further round.

  • Round 2: Technical Interview

The interview started by saying that, “Make yourself comfortable, by telling about yourself”.

The interviewer only asked questions based on my resume. The following were the questions asked to me.

What is Infosys Certified Software Programmer?

What was the pattern of that exam?

What was your project during the internship with persistent systems?

How many team members were there in your project?

How was the behavior of the team members?

What is your contribution during the internship period?

In how much time did you learned Ruby on Rails?

What is your final year project and why you choose the same?

What SDLC you will be using for developing the project and Why?

I hope you are relocatable, as we have offices all across India?

And Finally, He said “ I am done with the interview, Do you have any questions?

I asked Him, what is Wipro doing in the field of AI, ML?

He told the same.

At the end, He said, “Any more questions”

I replied No Sir

He then said “You are selected, you can move ahead for you HR interview”

  • Round 3: HR Interview

Following were the questions asked in the HR Interview

Tell me about Yourself?

What were the questions asked in Technical interview?

Which language you used to solve coding questions in Wipro NLTH exam?

Are you ready to work from anywhere in India?

What was the topic of the essay in the Wipro NLTH exam?

Note: If you know the topic then only answer the question, else say I don’t remember the topic of essay. Because if you try to fluke the topic, the interviewer may catch you and ask more questions on the same. This happened with many students on that day. Students fluked the essay topic, further, the interview asked them to describe what you have written in the essay in short.

And Finally, He said “ I am done with the interview, Do you have any questions?”

I asked him regarding the Wipro Turbo Challenge.

He replied that Wipro is working on it, you will receive the updates regarding the same through mail.

After someday, I received the Letter Of Intent for the post of Project Engineer.

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Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2022
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