Wipro-Elite National Talent Hunt 2020 Turbo Challenge

Round 1: Round 1 was Online Test which was held on my Campus. The Test was Divided into 3 sections. The first Section was Aptitude, The Second Section was Essay Writing and the Third Section was Coding Round which consisted of two easy level questions and we can do them in any of the given Languages C, C++, Java, and Python

Round 2: The Top Performers of the Online test were invited for the Interview. The interview was divided into two parts, First There was a Technical Interview. The questions in Technical Interview were mostly based on your Ongoing (Final Year) Project and basic questions from Programming languages which you have mentioned in your Resume. After Technical Round 2 or 3 people we said to leave by saying you are done for today. After Technical Interview there was an HR interview and the questions in the HR round were, Tell me Something about your self  ?, Do You have any current Backlog ?, Do you Have any problem in Relocation ?.

Round 3: After Interview we were offered a package  as a Project engineer and The Top performers of combined online and Interview were invited for Advanced coding Round, which was for Turbo profile giving top performers the opportunity to upgrade their package . The coding round was of 1 hour and consisted of 2 coding questions of moderate level. The first question was on arrays and the second was on Strings.


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