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Wipro Elite National Hunt Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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I have applied for wipro elite national hunt on-campus placement drive 

It consists of totally 2 rounds

Round 1 – Online test 

Round 2 – Technical interview 

ROUND 1: The Test consists of three sections. The first Section was aptitude and second was coding round which consists of two medium-level questions that can be done in python, c, c++, java and the third section was the eassy writing. 

ROUND 2: After completing online test they declared results after 5 days and scheduled interview.  Interviewer asked some basic questions and most of the questions from my resume

  1. Tell me about yourself 
  2. Some questions from my projects which I have  mentioned in the resume
  3. some basic questions from java  like explain about garbage collector, string, the difference between final keyword and static keyword

After that he moved to hr questions 

  1. what is your strength and weakness 
  2. where do you see yourself after 3 years 
  3. what will you do if you had fight with your team member 
  4. why Wipro? 

And some standard questions like: Willing to relocate,  ready to sign a bond 

Finally got letter of intent after a week. 

Verdict: Selected 

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Last Updated : 27 Dec, 2021
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