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Wipro Elite Interview Experience (On Campus)

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Wipro came to our campus on for the role of Project Engineer.

Round 1: At first Written test was conducted on AMCAT. It consisted of 5 sections that are as follows:

Section 1: English

It consisted of:-

  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Antonym/Synonym
  • Comprehension(2-3 questions based on unseen passage)
  • Fill in the blanks (Based on grammar rules such as Article, Preposition etc)

Section 2: Logical Ability

It consisted of:-

  • Coding-Decoding
  • Blood relation
  • Directions
  • Sequences of numbers(find the missing term)
  • Clocks and Calendar

Section 3: Quantitive Ability

It consisted of:-

  • HCF-LCM based questions
  • Time and speed
  • Profit and loss
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Percentage etc

Tips:- Practice more and more questions in less time as possible.

Section 4: English Writing Ability Test

In this round, we were given 20 minutes to write an essay on a topic of 100 – 400 words. The essay was then evaluated for grammatical errors and various other errors.

Tips:- Use simple words, spelling should be correct and do proper use of punctuation marks. At the last read what you have written and check spellings, capitalisation etc.

Section 5: Coding Test

There was 2 question as the first one was easy and the another was difficult.

  1. To transpose the matrix.
  2. To check for balanced parenthesis in an expression.

Round 2: Technical interview

Questions asked in this round were:-

  1. Difference between linked list and array
  2. Storage classes in C
  3. Paging (Operating System)
  4. Size Of structure
  5. Difference between structure and union

Tips:- Technical round was very simple as it was like a formality because very few cleared the written round. Do not take written exam easy, practice it from Sudo Placement.

Round 3: HR Interview

Our HR round was Telephonic and he was very friendly and asked the following questions as:-

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What are your co-curricular activities
  3. Are you happy to relocate
  4. Why Wipro
  5. What are the skills that you want to improve before joining the company

finally, he told me about the bond and I got selected.

Thank You GeeksForGeeks for such a wonderful platform and specially SudoPlacement.

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Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2022
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