Wipro Elite 2020 Interview Experience

Round 1: Online Test

The First Round was an online test of Aptitude, Verbal, Essay Writing and Coding. Aptitude was easy.

  • The Test was on AMCAT.
  • A specified time was allotted for each section.
  • Moving between questions were not allowed not even in section.

There were 2 coding questions time allotted was 1hr. Questions were simple.

  • Finding product of digit of a number.
  • Finding maximum digit of a given number.

Round 2: Technical Round

There were 3 panels for Technical round. 2 were face to face and one was on Skype. I was chosen for face to face interview. They were sending students in batches of 10-10 students after that they were randomly selecting for TR.

The Interviewer was very fond of Data Structures and after looking at my resume and making some entries on his laptop. He went on asking me questions.

  • What Data Structures you know?
  • What is difference between linked list and array?
  • Practical use of Stack and Queue in real world?
  • What is advantage of Doubly Linked List over Singly Linked list?
  • Can you draw node structure of Doubly Linked List?
  • If you are given an array, Write a program that  prints random element of array until user press q to quit.
  • Then Questions like any backlog, year gap, what you do in your free time etc.

Then he asked me to leave. He didn’t asked any question from project, OS or DBMS. I don’t know why. Interview lasted for 10 – 15 min.

Round 3: HR Round

HR Interview was very simple and it took 3-4 min. HR asked for my resume and after making entries on her laptop, she asked me questions.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why Wipro?
  • What is your weakness ?
  • Any backlogs, year gaps?
  • What approach would you take for learning a new skill?
  • Are you familiar with bond of one year?

Then she asked me to leave for the day.

I got selection mail after 15 days.

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