Wingify Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

Since Wingify is open for all branch including , around 200 candidates sat for Software Engineering profile.

Round 1:

It was done on Hackerearth. It comprised of 20 mcqs which includes aptitude , networking , basic os questions and also DS, Algo questions. Apart from these there were 3 coding questions which ranges from easy to easy- medium .

Round 2:

After this around 18 were shortlisted for round 2 which is the first technical interview.

As soon as i entered the room there was a general introductory session and after this i was asked questions about my projects .

Then he went into complete details about my projects and cross question every minute detailing.

Then a slight know how about my internships.

After this he asked me sql queries- How will you get the missing element from a table having sorted entries and 2 or 3 more likewise queries.

Then he asked me basic networking and how sessions are managed.

After this he asked me a puzzle and that sums up my first interview.

Round 3:

After this around 8 were shortlisted and I was called for second technical interview .

As soon as I entered he asked me about my internship as I have done with Cvent.

He asked me what all I did and asked me to implement things in a basic manner.

I told him about RabbitMq , Maven and all the things in detail that i used there and work with.

He asked me about URL base64 and all types of encoding and there pros and cons.

After this he asked me about serialise and deserialise tree and different approaches .

Then he asked me about BST and how will i implement isBST function.

Round 4:  HR round

After 2 round ,  4  were shortlisted and there was a basic HR round .

General questions were asked in this round lile hobbies, why Wingify , etc.

After this round 3 people were given offers including me .

P.S.- I whole heartedly thank Geeks for geeks for this.

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