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Wingify Interview Experience for Frontend Engineer [Off Campus]

Last Updated : 19 May, 2020
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Getting the Interview

Referral – I approached an employee of Wingify using LinkedIn. He referred me for the position of Frontend Engineer.

Interview Process

Round 1 : Online javascript test on Interviewzen platform.

In this platform there is no time limit, but the screen will be recorded, so your coding approach and time taken will be shared to the interviewer when you submit the code.

There were total 5 questions related to problem solving and DOM querying to be solved using Javascript

Question 1: Write an implementation of a function called “getScript” that fetches and executes a JavaScript file in the browser.

Question 2 : Write an implementation of a function “value” which returns the value of the inner most function(nested functions was given).

Question 3 : Write an implementation of a function called “flatten” that flattens a nested object. The method takes an object and returns a new flattened object.

Question 4 : Write an implementation of a function “callAfter” that enables ANY function to be called after some specified duration. The output of the function should remain the same.

Question 5 : Write an implementation of a function called `generateSelector` to generate a CSS selector path of a DOM element.

Round 2:

It was a Google Hangout Round. I was asked to explain about one of the projects mentioned in the Resume.

Then basic questions related to Web Development like http vs https method, get vs post request was asked.

Then one final coding questions related to the event loop was asked.

asked to tell about 1 of the project

basic questions like

http vs https, get vs post

then one coding question related to javascript, related to event loop;

Round 3: (final technical round):

This was also Google Hangout round. It started with discussion about my projects and other work that I mentioned in my resume.

Then 2 Coding questions were asked.

Question 1.  To find 2 missing number in O(1) space complexity

Question 2. To Find nth node from the tail of the linked list.

Then one final theoritical question related to Web Developement was asked and the questions was :

Explain difference between document and window .

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