Wikit in Linux

Wikit is an open-source and free command-line program that helps to get the summaries of the queries searched by the user from Wikipedia. It is built using Nodejs and works only if you have nodejs and npm environment in your OS. The dependencies must be installed first in order to use Wikit. Wikit fetches the information from Wikipedia and shows it in a summarized manner.

Installing Dependencies

1. Install Nodejs using the command:

sudo apt install nodejs 

2. Install Nodejs npm using the command:

sudo apt install nodejs npm

Once the necessary dependencies gets installed, install the wikit for Linux.

Installing wikit

To install wikit, use the command:

sudo npm install wikit -g

-g is a flag used to tell npm to install it globally.

Running Wikit

Use the command:

wikit article_name

Here, article_name is any topic we want to search for.

Wikit provides a feature to open the full Wikipedia article in a browser using the -b flag that opens the page in a browser on giving the command.

Opening Article in Browser

To open the article on browser, use the command:

wikit article_name -b

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