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  • Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2021 is a blog hosting service provider. was run by Matt Mullenweg, who was also the founder of Many individuals are befuddled with and, which drives them to pick the wrong platform for their websites. Indeed, even the people who realize that they are two distinct stages don’t know about the difference between them. is based on the structure but it comes with managed hosting. WordPress is used to create any type of website there are more than 38% of all websites on the internet are running on  WordPress. There is one of the most important drawbacks of using over is you can’t install plugins on your websites. Features are limited in that’s my many users have switched to is the home for each sort of site proprietor including new bloggers, private companies, and business people.

Benefits of using

  • Managed Hosting: In you don’t have to buy and manage your hosting also WordPress is pre-installed on your site so, you don’t have to install it manually and you can focus on adding good content to your page. Its hosting is fast secure and reliable. Its servers are optimized for WordPress websites so you will not face any server issues.
  • Support & Maintenance: One of the best things about is that backups will be consequently taken care of for you. What’s more on the off chance that you want significantly more backups, you can do it physically. Using, you get backups, security, and hosting all in one place. What’s more, assuming that you need a custom domain, you can without much of a stretch move up to get one. Additionally, sites accompany master backing, and you can likewise plunge into the discussions to pose inquiries and track down responses.

For whom is?

Whether you have individual or expert objectives, can assist you with making the ideal site for your requirements. is a phenomenal decision for a wide range of clients. Types of websites that we can build using are:

  • Blogging Websites: It is one of the best platforms for bloggers because It started as a blogging platform. After some time, it has developed into a platform for any kind of website, however, it was initially intended to be a blog content management system.
  • Photographing Websites: is used to create a whole portfolio site to flaunt your work as a photographer.
  • Business Websites: Regardless of whether you run any kind of business, can assist you with building your site and impart relevant and accommodating business data to your visitors.
  • eCommerce Websites: If you are the owner of a store where you sell retail products then you can use to sell your products online.

Difference between &

Assuming you are an individual blogger, and you couldn’t care less with regards to bringing in cash from your site, then, at that point, go with But If you are a business or a blogger that wants to make money from your site, then will give you the freedom and flexibility to grow your website the way you want. is like leasing a house. You have restricted power and command over what you may or may not be able to and is like owning a house where you have full control of your property, and no one can interfere in your work and you can do anything that you really want.

In the below table we are comparing only the free versions of and
It doesn’t provide any SEO featuresIt is SEO friendly and it has many SEO features
You can’t monetize your websiteYou can monetize your website and earn from that
It doesn’t provide any analytics tool for your siteIt provides many powerful analytics tools for your site
You can’t change its default themesYou can change and use any theme on your website
It doesn’t have plugins support It supports more than 60,000 plugins
You will not get full access to your siteYou will get full access to your site
You can’t use your custom domains hereYou can use your custom domains
It provides customer supportIt doesn’t provide any customer support
It provides free hosting for your siteIt doesn’t provide you hosting for your site
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