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Why Should You Build a CRM-Powered Website For Your Business?

Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2021
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As per the survey, currently, the total number of websites on the internet is 1.95 billion. But most businesses tend to have a simple and static website that provides core information about their products and services. These websites offer relatively less information as compared to advanced websites. These simple websites may lead to the loss of business and opportunities. To enhance your online presence, you need to stand out of the crowd and provide a personalized experience to the users. This can be achieved by integrating CRM with a website – CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management!


A CRM integrated website personalizes the user experience and upgrades the internal process. It helps the organization to plan marketing strategies and campaigns as per the personalized insights. The ultimate aim is to build a relationship with your customers to enhance sales and revenue. In this blog, we will discuss why should you build a CRM-Powered website for Your business. But before that, let’s get to know, What is a CRM-Powered website? So, a CRM-powered website is an automation solution that integrates the power of customer data with traditional digital techniques like emails and advertising to enhance marketing strategy. It drives deeper insights into customer behavior and uses this information to increase revenue. It enables you to seize the opportunity, deliver valuable services and stay updated with your important clients.

Why Should Your Website Be Integrated With the CRM Platform?

By embedding CRM with your website, you can enhance customer support, provide a personalized user experience, gain business insights and increase sales. It helps the organization by clustering customers into lists that can be used for marketing campaigns to generate sales. We will discuss some of the fantastic advantages of integrating your website with a CRM platform.

1. Personalized User Experience

Without CRM, the website will lack the necessary information to provide a flawless and customized user experience. If the website does not fulfill users’ needs, they will surely land on a competitor’s website. In turn, you will lose potential customers. CRM maintains the complete profile of each customer that includes customer preference, date, time spent on the website, and other essential aspects. This information can be used to personalize user experience and meet the requirements. This personalized information can be used to adjust the preferences of customers, create marketing strategies as per the insights, and tailor the website as per the user’s demands.

2. Increases Your Productivity

As per the survey, the sales representatives spend around 5.5 hours weekly in the data entry process. This is all just a waste of time and effort, which can be utilized in productive activities. By integrating CRM into your website, you can use the automated process for data entry. It will reduce all the administrative, export, import, and copy-paste time and efforts. All this provides some extra time to sales representatives, which can be used to enhance sales.

3. Improved Customer Experience

We know that the customer is a king and to deliver the best service to its customer is the motto of every successful business. If you are not providing value to your customers at every stage, you may indeed lose a significant percentage of your customers, which will hamper your progress. Investing in CRM technology can be the best decision that you ever make to enhance the customer experience.

With a CRM, customers who want to get information can get feedback instantaneously. The support that they receive is customized as per their history. It will provide you with a complete layout of customer interaction and feedback. You stay much informed about your customers and their interest, which will give your customers a fantastic experience that will enhance your business.

4. Enhances Your Sales Without the Hassle

By integrating CRM with your website, you analyze which pages are performing well and which aren’t. Further, you can track your customer’s engagement and customize messages and responses as per their needs. It will serve as an amazing tool to convert the potential interest of customers to actual sales, thereby fostering your business relationships with your customers. It will become hassle-free to fulfill the demands of customers, which will enhance your sales.

5. Decreases the Bounce Rates

As per the survey, 7 out of every 10 customers leave your website because they think you don’t care about your customers. Customers tend to become satisfied if their queries are resolved quickly and adequately. If you don’t deal appropriately with customer issues, then indeed, you will have a massive list of dissatisfied customers, which will hamper your business.

Integrating CRM with your website will help you track customer satisfaction. Further, you will be able to gain important insights to resolve the issues faced by your customers and provide them flawless experience.

6. Increased Transparency

CRM enhances the transparency of your organization, assigning tasks and determining who is doing what. It helps everyone in the organization to get information about the business processes to enhance mutual trust and collaboration. Also, you can use performance tracking to track the sales of individual agents.

Conclusion: If you cannot fulfill the expectations of your valuable customers, you will incur significant losses in the sales and productivity of your team. When customers do not have a flawless experience in seeking what they want, they will indeed move to your competitor’s website. Without integrating CRM, a lot of time will be wasted on completing repetitive tasks.

Integrating CRM has numerous benefits, from enhancing your marketing efforts to providing a personalized profile of your visitors. It is a fantastic tool that can foster your relationship with your customers. Most importantly, it provides consistent information to improve your conversion rates.

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