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Why Node.js ?

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2019

Node.js is an open source, a server-side script which runs on the top of Google’s open-source scripting engine V8. Node.js is fast, lightweight and efficient. It uses the asynchronous mode of operation, event-driven Input/Output rather than using the traditional threads or separate threads for each process. Node.js was originally written by Ryan Dahl in the year 2009. It is a cross-platform Javascript run-time environment that executes Javascript code outside of a browser. Node.js uses javascript for creating node applications or we can use any other language that ultimately compiles to javascript (like typescript). The javascript is written in the same way as we’d use in any client-side application. However, we need to set up the node development environment.

Node.js is the greatest tool for building real-time web applications. It provides cross-platform applications which run easily on any web. So you basically don’t need anything extra for running up a node application. You only need for making one. According to the Node.js Survey of users, 43% of Node.js programmers claim to use Node.js for enterprise apps. It’s a light, scalable and open-source language platform which makes it very easy to build apps even at the enterprise level also. Overall it increases the efficiency of the development process as it fills the gap between frontend and backend applications. It uses the approach of non-blocking I/O. In Non-blocking I/O approach, you can initiate a request in parallel for user2 without waiting for the response to the request for user1. The requests in Node.js can initiate in parallel. This non-blocking I/O eliminates the need for multi-threading.

Npm (Node Package Manager)
These are the libraries which are built by the awesome community which will solve almost all the generic problems related to the Node.js. Npm has packages which are used in our apps to make the development process faster and more efficient.

Node Modules
Node.js has a set of built-in modules which can be used without any further installation. We can install some custom modules from the NPM as per the need of the application. We can also create modules of our own and use them by importing it in our apps. Basically, the Node module is a block of code which can be used again in any node.js component without impacting any other node.js component. The modules in node.js work independently without impacting the existence of any other functions.

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