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Why Laravel Aimeos Is a Good Choice for Building an Online Store ?

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Laravel is one of the most demanding PHP frameworks for website development. High scalability, good performance and efficiency are the top reasons behind the success of PHP Laravel framework.

Today, traditional shopping has completely shifted its concept towards online shopping. People from all over the world preferred to do shopping on their smartphones, tablets etc. Not only common people, businesses of all sizes are greatly relying upon online selling & purchasing of their products or services.

Hence, Laravel is in great demand for various eCommerce solutions these days by enterprises. So comes Laravel Aimeos which is a great choice for developing an online store. It has proved to be a successful eCommerce solutions for various enterprises in different industry verticals.

Since, the entire concept of shopping has been changed, there is a huge demand for online stores. Many startups and enterprises are now looking for developing cost-effective eCommerce solutions from reliable software development companies using top-rated eCommerce platforms.

As per stats, the graph of eCommerce global retail sales & services will be increased by 17.5% in 2021. Moreover, the e-retail revenues are projected to grow to approx. 6.54 trillion US Dollars in the year 2022 as stated by Statista.

Img Src: Statista

The above data automatically lets businesses have a reliable online store built with a popular eCommerce platform like Laravel Aimeos if they successfully run their business and want to go ahead in the race.

Here, we will discuss various important features and benefits of building an online store using Laravel Aimeos: For building a great & scalable e-store, there are many frameworks available in the eCommerce marketplace from Magento to Shopify which will let you develop a store from scratch. Laravel itself comes with the best kinds of eCommerce packages. But, choosing Laravel Aimeos is a wise decision for all business owners. This is not only because laravel is one of the best frameworks within PHP but it can benefit you a lot.

Laravel Aimeos Features –

  1. Convert your product into recurring payment subscription — Laravel Aimeos automatically stores payment status via supported payment providers. Hence, you can sell your products in arbitrary time intervals.
  2. Out of the box feature: Multi-tenancy — It is capable of providing multi vendor, multichannel and multi warehouse to build marketplaces and complex B2B apps and affiliate systems along with site extension.
  3. Build SaaS eCommerce solutions — Without need of extra costs, merchants can manage their inventories as it hosts a large number of fast online shops using SaaS.
  4. Develop e-store of 1,000,000,000+ items rendering 20ms — Laravel Aimeos is a big eCommerce platform as compared to Amazon with features like ElasticSearch & gigacommerce extension. It can render a shop with a capacity of 1000000000+ items in 20 ms.
  5. Offer 100+ payment gateways — With its Omnipay PHP library, it can capture payments worldwide through major payment service providers.
  6. Use JSON REST API to build custom e-stores — By using JSON REST API which is based on standard, developers can build custom progressive web apps, native mobile apps & interactive frontends.
  7. Contain variety of products in a single e-shop — E-Shops built with Laravel Aimeos contain all type of products including bundles, vouchers & variety of products that you can shop.

For Developers

Know the business benefits of using Laravel Aimeos for your e-store –

  • Rank better on search engines: Laravel Aimeos is one of the highly rated & most used Laravel eCommerce packages among the developers and enterprises. It comes with plenty of features that help web developers to build a full-fledged shopping e-cart. It also comprises advanced features that make it to rank better and on-top positions in the search engines.
  • Smoothly runs an online-store: Laravel Aimeos offers fully customized options that meet your specific business needs. Using this platform, you can add detailed views of products, can search the desired products and also implement an easy checkout  process. It can smoothly run your online eCommerce store at a fast speed.
  • Secure & SEO-friendly e-stores: Laravel Aimeos helps in building fully SEO-friendly web stores equipped with high security and also avoiding any type of SQL injection or XSS at the same time.
  • Easy integration: It is an open-source Laravel eCommerce package using which developers can create a fully functional eCommerce website. The website or web app which is capable of displaying & managing 100000+ products to its customers. Moreover, it is the code structure of this eCommerce package which helps web developers to integrate this with any PHP web application.
  • Amazing feature: TYPO3 distribution: Laravel Aimeos is comprising of a most-promising feature i.e. TYPO3 distribution. It is used to help online merchants so that they can easily introduce their respective online stores to the people by providing an image synthesis which renders 40 ms. Using this, they can also manage 10000+ online orders on a daily basis



How can you choose a reliable Laravel Development Company for your business?

Now, when you have decided to choose Laravel Aimeos as your online eStore platform, it is the right time to find the best developers to develop an ecommerce website.

Some major points to consider before hiring a Laravel development company –

  • The company must be working on the latest eCommerce technologies.
  • The company has maintained a good portfolio of its eCommerce applications.
  • Total business years experience & Clients reviews.
  • Payment policy of the company & eCommerce services
  • Should posses a smooth development and communication process

It’s hard to focus on the best and friendly Laravel development company. But it is always suggested to select that development company that is focused on offering its customers the satisfaction they have been looking for and who is available at any time to communicate.

Last Updated : 15 Oct, 2020
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