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Why is YouTube using TCP but not UDP?

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2021
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Overview :
In this article, we will discuss about which technology YouTube uses for streaming videos and music on its platform. YouTube is an American online video sharing and web-based media stage by Google. It is most utilized sites in the entire world. YouTube is a free video-facilitating site that permits individuals to store and serve video content. YouTube individuals and site guests can share YouTube recordings on an assortment of web stages. There are essentially two sorts of advancements utilized for web based real time features – UDP and TCP.

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) :

  • UDP is an information convention which is to be utilized by each site for transport layer correspondence effectiveness.
  • It plays a significant in PC networks in accelerating the productivity of the organization on sites that devour a ton of information like YouTube and Netflix.
  • Likewise, UDP is less secure than TCP yet then again, it is especially quicker.
  • UDP utilizes information parcels to move information straight forwardly to the source PC or administrator worker in an immediate request, so they get conveyed in precisely the same request as acquired.
  • UDP actually, is free of source and objective of the start to finish move of information bundles utilizing “three-way handshake strategy.”
  • The primary reason for UDP is for quick and solid web applications utilization and information move and don’t need information confirmation and security administrations.
  • UDP has exceptionally less transmission capacity and idleness which makes it work even in marvelous organization associations.
  • At the point when an enormous number of clients the data at a specific time, so we need to deal with the traffic and show reactions to their questions, we use UDP in regions like gaming, video web based, online gatherings.

 TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) :

  • The fundamental utilization of TCP is to convey information parcels from the worker to the objective PC.
  • TCP deals with the overhead of IP to guarantee mass web availability and move them in right request and furthermore they get conveyed in a similar request.
  • The main component of TCP is that it keeps up with its enormous spotlight on information security and confirmation alternatives.
  • At the point when UDP sends information parcels interaction to-handle messages which are not secure, TCP utilizes have to-have informing to empower free from any and all harm ecological organization.
  • TCP empowers IP header to deliver mistake free and degenerate less information in arranged way, with the goal that collector doesn’t confront any issue.

Why does YouTube uses TCP but not UDP ?
YouTube utilizes TCP since TCP is a lot of time-sensitive and doesn’t need port sending. It assists with empowering the full data transfer capacity of the organization. We can pack more information immediately in TCP and furthermore reloaded information parcels don’t represent an issue. It additionally guarantees higher video quality and less organization blockage issues. TCP decreases buffering and Real-time streaming issues utilizing start to finish association. TCP’s online clog control attempt to redirect traffic by making various connections at same time. It likewise guarantees mistake recuperation and issue recognizable proof if there should arise an occurrence of malware or disappointment by retransmission of information parcels. YouTube works as indicated by the client’s necessities, at whatever point the client stops, play or changes the streaming, so TCP does well in dealing with all conflicts. YouTube additionally utilizes start to finish encryption to forestall copyright of its films and shows, which is attainable by TCP. 

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