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Why do people prefer Selenium with Python?

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Selenium is a strong set of tools that firmly supports the quick development of test automation of web applications. It offers a set of testing functions that are specially designed to the requirements of testing of a web application. These functions are reliable facilitating various options for positioning UI elements and making a comparison of the expected outcomes against the real application behaviour. It makes use of various scripting languages for its test automation. 

Python is a high level and object-based scripting language that is designed in a user-friendly manner. It makes use of simple English keywords that requires very easy interpretation. It has few syntax complications compared to other languages for programming. 

Now coming to the question of why Selenium is used with Python? Some of the reasons are listed here: 

  • Easy to code and easy to read
  • Runs rapidly while making a comparison of another programming
  • Offers vibrant typing nature
  • Large numbers of programmers are accustomed to Python as a language
  • The API used in python helps you in connecting to the browser through the Selenium. The binding of python and Selenium offers a simple API to write functional tests by utilizing Selenium WebDriver in a perceptive way. In addition to that, the binding also offers a very convenient API to contact Selenium WebDriver like Firefox, Remote, etc.
  • The python language has very less verbose and easy using as compared to another programming language. It is because of the Python API that helps you to connect with the browser thorough Selenium. Selenium can easily send standard commands of python to various browsers irrespective of all variation in the design of the browser.
  • Python being a scripted language, there is no worrying about running a compiler for converting code from lines of the code to anything that can be implemented and utilized.
  • Python runs very faster and makes use of indentation to initiate and end blocks. It is very simple as well as compact as compared to other programming languages.
  • Python language is developed with a big community around it for which it offers a very good support system. Thus, during automated testing using Selenium with python, the community is like a welcome wagon for those who are completely new to the language.
  • The programming language is also free and available as open source. Whoever needs it can easily download it and use freely in any environment. The whole culture, as well as communities present around the language, is free software fans.
  • Along with all the above reasons that support using Selenium with Python, another major reason for using selenium with python is various tools present to extend it. The most important tool for easy user interfaces that is WebDriver has strong bindings for Python.

Thus, these are the few strong reasons why nowadays Selenium mostly uses Python as the scripting language although a vast number of other languages are present with the same features.

Last Updated : 09 Feb, 2022
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