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Why Django Framework is Best For Web Development?

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Python is a powerful high-level programming language that can be possibly used in a lot of fields. These fields can range from data science to automation and web development. It also has amazing libraries and frameworks that include pandas, NumPy, PyTorch, selenium, OpenCV, bottle, pyramid, flask, etc. One such framework in Python that is used for web development majorly is Django. 

Why Django Framework is Best For Web Development?

Django is a full-stack web framework that is open-sourced and follows an MVT (Model View Template) type of architecture. It is comprised of a set of components and modules that aids in faster development and is used by a few of the world’s top companies like Instagram, Mozilla, Spotify, Quora, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Dropbox, bitly, Google, Disqus, etc. Today we are going to discuss why is Django is the most loved, preferred, and believed to be the best framework for web development. We will look at its features one by one and understand why it is so popular, so let’s get started!

1. Simplifies Development to a Huge Extent

Firstly, Django is based on Python programming language which is comparatively easier as compared to other high-level programming languages like Java or C++. It includes pluggable modules and libraries which reduce the time taken in development to a huge extent as you are not writing code from scratch, but rather using already available code. In addition to this, Django’s documentation is very well covered and even newbies could dive into it and start developing web apps since it is more like a practical guide that gives hands-on experience on developing a basic application. It adopts Python’s “batteries included” approach which implies that it provides all necessary things which can be used to develop a fully functioning web application. Some “batteries” include ORMs (Object Relational Mappers), Forms, Testing, Templates, Session handling, Admin Dashboard, Authentication mechanism, Templates, and much more. This makes development easy and fast.

2. Provides Inbuilt and Up-to-Date Security Features

If you want to integrate security or authentication mechanisms, you do not have to write them from scratch, rather you just need to plug them into the code. Django offers a highly secure approach to develop web applications as it prevents attacks like  XSS(Cross-Site Scripting), CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery), SQL injection, etc. Since it does not rely on external, third-party security mechanisms, it has everything under control since third-party libraries or modules can have bugs that can lead to compromise of your system. Also, Django is stable and well tested, which means, it is used, maintained, and developed by millions of developers around the globe. It is up to date with the latest security trends in the cybersecurity industry and therefore could be trusted.

3. Suitable For Any Type of Project

From making a small project to developing a huge website that is being used by millions of users, Django is there for your rescue. It is often seen in other frameworks that you need to differentiate them based on their scalability, but in Django, you do not need to worry about your project requirements and scale. If you need, you can use the built-in features or you can leave them. Django is used by all levels of web developers, be it small startups or large organizations like Spotify or Quora. Although it can be used for small projects, it works astonishingly well will large projects that have a huge user base and heavy traffic or flow of information since it has so much to offer. Also, it is flexible and cross-platform, that is, you can create applications that are suitable to run on Windows, Linux, or Mac and supports a plethora of databases.

4. Implements DRY and KISS

The two most important principles we follow while programming are DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and KISS (Keep It Simple and Short) and Django take care of both of them. The DRY principle means that you need not write code again and again. It should be written in one place and then be reused if needed at another place. Redundancy is bad and Django takes full advantage of the dynamic nature of Python. The KISS principle states that rather than writing long methods, shorter methods should be written not exceeding forty to fifty lines of code. This makes the code more readable. This also facilitates security, since longer codes can induce bugs in the code which in turn are hard to find in a lengthy function. Debugging shorter codes is easy.

5. Contains Support For REST APIs

REST APIs or REpresentational State Transfer is a standard way to transfer data or information between computer systems connected via the Internet. The options for a REST API include GET, POST, PATCH, PUT and DELETE which have their respective functions to transfer data, updating it, or deleting it. The backend API basically is used to handle how the database is queried and how is it presented to be used further. Django REST framework is a powerful framework that serializes data from the Django ORM which handles all database migrations and SQL queries. This in turn lets the developer focus on the logic rather than lower-level details. Creating APIs is therefore a super simple task when it comes to Django and it internally handles a lot for you.

6. Massive Community Support

Django has been one of the most popular frameworks for quite a few years now and it has an army of professional and supportive developers from throughout the world. Therefore, if you get lost while working on something in Django, there is a huge community where you can get help and expert advice. These people have been working on Django for decades and know the ins and outs of it. They not only help you with your code but also make you understand the best practices involved in developing applications. They’re also the ones that keep the code up to date and fix bugs encountered in the Django codebase. 

All these points make Django the most loved web framework to use while developing a web application. These not only aid the developer to write scalable code fast easily but also integrate best design principles while handling most of the things internally. Even if you are not happy with what all Django provides, you are free to customize it your way. Django developers are also said to earn good salaries as it is high in demand. So, the next time you want to develop a project or something huge, go for Django!

Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2021
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