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Who is faster among JavaScript and ASP Script ?

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2022
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JavaScript is a programming language that is used along with HTML and CSS to make a web page dynamic. ASP on the other hand is a server-side script engine that helps in generating web pages dynamically. Since both these languages are used in web development, wanting to know which is faster among JavaScript and ASP Script is pretty obvious. 

Let us find the answer to that question but first, we need to get some basics out of the way:

What is JavaScript?

Even someone with little background in web development would know that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together make a web page fully functional. In fact, it is JavaScript alone that makes the web page dynamic. As an example, the animations included in a web page are a result of the use of JavaScript. Although JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that executes the dynamic part of a web page, it is also used by coders for programming. 

How does JavaScript work? 

When a browser requests an HTML file with JavaScript code inside it, the server returns back the HTML file that runs on the browser. Further, with the help of an in-built interpreter, the browser simply reads the JavaScript code and runs it. 

This is essentially how JavaScript works. Read more about JavaScript here

What is ASP Script? 

Just like modules in any programming language that achieve tasks automatically, ASP Script is a framework that has programs embedded in it. These programs when called, are executed with the help of a Microsoft server. No wonder, ASP Script is Microsoft’s first server-side script engine used to make web pages dynamically. 

How does ASP Script work?

We know that the entire web works on the concept of client, server, and browser sending files and requests to and fro. When we type a query in a browser, the browser sends this request to the server and the server simply returns the required files, whether it be HTML or other things like a pdf. 

But in the case of an ASP file, it is not directly returned by the server. Rather, the server forwards the request to the ASP engine first. The ASP engine then reads the file and executes the script. After execution, the ASP file is finally sent to the browser as HTML. 

This is essentially how an ASP Script works. Read more about ASP Script here. 

Difference between JavaScript and ASP Script:


ASP Script

1. It is a client-side script.1. It is a server-side script. 
2. It runs on the client browser. 2. It runs on the server. 
3. It is language. 3. It is a framework. 
4. It is used to make web pages dynamic. 4. It is used to run web apps or web pages. 

Which is faster: JavaScript or ASP Script?

Here we are at the juiciest part of the article. After knowing the basics, can you now guess which one is faster among JavaScript and ASP Script?

Well, the answer is JavaScript, and the reason is pretty obvious:

Reason: Since JavaScript is a client/browser-side scripting language, it doesn’t have to worry about server-side functions. For such server-side requests like connecting to a database, JavaScript can use tools like AJAX. Here, an HTML file contains JavaScript code, and it is simply run entirely on the client browser. 

While in the case of ASP Script, requests like connecting to a database are run on the server, and then the results are returned, thus, making it slower. 

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