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WhiteHat Jr Interview Experience for Software Engineer | 2 Years Experienced

  • Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2021

Round 1:

LLD: Design a vehicle rental system.

Should be able to design extendible system and code should be compilable and executable and meet the requirements given

Round 2:

  1. Find the median of two sorted arrays 
    1. Using merge operation of merge sort generate auxiliary array and find the median 
    • Time complexity – O(m + n)
    • Space complexity – O(m + n)
    • if m + n is odd then (m + n) / 2th element
    • if m + n is even then (((m + n) / 2)th + (((m + n)/2) – 1)th) / 2
    • So instead of storing all values in auxiliary array when merging store the current and prev elements until current != ((m + n)/2)th element
  2. Bottom view of a binary tree (
    Hint – store the horizontal distances of each node for each level.

Round 3:

  1. Find if string is rotation of another string.

          Given a string `abcde` and another string `dea`  find if `dea` is a rotation of `abcde`. 

         In this case, should return true. 

         If the strings are `abcde` and `bde` it will return false.

        2. Level order traversal of a binary tree, print each level in a new line.

             An additional approach was asked to extend code for n-ary tree            

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