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Which version of Internet Explorer was the first to native support HTML5 elements ?

Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2021
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Internet Explorer was Microsoft’s first browser service which was launched as an add-on package with windows-95 and it had various advantages, but with advancement in technology and development of HTML-5 in 2008, the earlier versions failed to render services, such as video streaming working without flash or plug-ins. Most of the browsers of that time were not able to provide this support, So they upgraded to a better version that supported HTML-5.

The version of internet explorer which was the first to support HTML 5 was:

INTERNET EXPLORER 9 (ie-9) was the first to support the new semantic HTML elements (articles, sections, canvas, inline SVG support, etc.)

It was released on 14th March 2011 and was the 9th version of internet explorer, with IE-9 they had a better hassle-free, user-friendly interface, and an improved javascript engine. It also made the user experience better as it allowed pinning of website and other features, HTML-5 support being the most important of all. 

The Download manager was also equipped with better malware protection, with improved tab functions and many important security features, its launch time also got very fast as compared to its previous versions.

It supported HTML-5 and allowed users to play videos and also play games without additional software or plug-ins.

Why HTML 5?

  • it made the code more structured , adding <section>, <nav>, <header>, <footer>. these and other elements made it more efficient
  • to add multimedia <audio>,<video> tags. earlier they needed to rely on other applications or plug-ins, this helped developers to add audio and video, just by CSS and JavaScript.

Which browsers support it now?

Almost all browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and Microsoft edge support HTML 5.

Microsoft Edge is replacing Microsoft’s internet explorer and internet explorer will be completely discontinued by June 15, 2022.

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