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Where is debug.keystore in Android Studio?

Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2022
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Debug.keystore is one of the most important files which is present in almost every application when we download that app from the Google Play Store. This file is basically considered as the certificate of any application which is being verified by Google each and every time. Each app that you are being used on your phone needs to be signed. The debug key is a randomly generated certificate that is being generated by your build tools the first time you use it will automatically use to sign when you build a debug apk. It is a bit similar to that which we build while generating a release APK certificate. In this article, we will take a look at how we can locate this file in our Android Project. 

Pre Requisite: You should be having your Android Studio project ready with you with which we can locate your debug.keystore file. 

Step by Step Guide on locating debug.keystore file 

For locating this file we should be having our Android Studio project ready with us. Inside your Android Studio project. Navigate to the Right corner of Android Studio you will get to see a Gradle option click on that option. You will get to see that option in the below screenshot. 

After clicking on Gradle Tab you will get to see the below screen on which to click on your AppName. After clicking on your App Name then you will get to see three options inside that click on the last options “app”. After clicking on the app, Navigate to Tasks. Inside Tasks, navigate to “android” and double click on the signing report option.

After clicking on this option you will get to see the path for your debug.keystore file. You can get to see in the below screenshot. 

Now to check this file copy your path up to .android only. The copied path will be and paste this path in your file explorer you will get to see your debug.keystore file location. The file is shown in the below screenshot.

In the above screenshot, you will get to see the debug.keystore file. 

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