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WheelsEye Interview Experience SDE Profile

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Round 1

The first round was a pen paper coding test of 1 hour.
3 programming questions were given.
2. Given a matrix return true if no two adjacent elements are 1 in all ways like up, down, left, right.

Round 2

Round 2 was a face to face technical interview. he simply asked about my self. Then we discussed my projects. I told him that I do competitive coding so he asked coding questions. like
2. you are given a tree. you need to return true if in the there exists an edge which divides the tree into two equal parts. left and the right tree must have same no. of nodes.

Round 3
Round 3 was also a technical round.
1. He told me to implement Map. and all its functions.
2. Sort a stack by only using push pop operations. Then he told me to write the code for it.
4. Difference b/w Linked list and array and which one is better.

Round 4
Round 4 was also a technical round.
2. He asked me egg dropping puzzle with variations like restricting the no of edges and attempts.
3. A puzzle of jail and psycho prisoner.
and there was a more coding question which I don’t remember actually.

After 4 rounds interviewer told me that now HR will contact you later. we are done for today.
it was a long process but I enjoyed b/c interviewer was very good and we interact with each other very much.
which helps me to found the solutions.
Next day HR called and luckily he told me that you are selected.

tips:- you don’t need to give all the answers just interact with interviewer and make him believe that you can do it. He will automatically help you to reach the solution. just be confident and do not give up.

Last Updated : 21 May, 2019
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