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What’s the difference between meta name and meta property?

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Meta Data:
The metadata means information about data. So basically Meta tag provides you the information on the HTML document. So basically this tag is an empty tag which means it only has an opening tag and no closing tag. The number of meta tags in an HTML document depends upon the HTML document and it doesn’t affect the physical appearance of the HTML document.
The meta tag is always inside the tag. So basically you can use meta property attribute in the body tag but it should contain property element.

Various Types of HTML attributes:
  1. Name Attribute
    This attribute is basically used to explain the name of the property.
  2. Http-equivalent attribute
    This attribute is basically used to get an HTTP response message head.
  3. Author
    Basically it is used to specify the name of the author of the document.
  4. Description
    It basically shows the description of a particular HTML Page
  5. Content Attribute
    This attribute is used for particular properties value

Meta Property:
Meta property is just similar to meta tag the difference arises only when we talk about different editions of HTML. The meta property comes from the RDFa. So basically meta property comes in use to basically link the elements in the body tag as long as they contain a property tag and basically the body tag is the main parent tag and then we use meta property to link another tag in the body tag.

<meta property="og:title" content="Main Title">
<meta property="og:description" content="About  the description">

And it is totally allowed to use Rfda’s property attribute together with html5’s name attribute.

You can use Microdata’s itemProp attribute with RFDA’s property only and only if HTML%’s name attribute is not provided.

<meta itemprop="description" 
      content="About the  description" />

Difference Between Meta tag and Meta property:
Basically meta name is the usual name which is very frequently used in HTML documents. So basically what is meta property?. The property attribute comes from the RDFa which is in HTML5. So basically you can use meta property together on the same meta tag for example

<meta name="description" 
      content="description about the content" />

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Last Updated : 09 Jun, 2020
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