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What’s the difference between JavaScript and JScript?

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JavaScript: JavaScript is a programming language which is commonly used in wed development. Its code is only run in web browser. JavaScript is one of the core technologies of world wide web along with HTML and CSS. JavaScript was designed by Brendan Eich and it was first appeared in 4 December 1995. 

JScript: JScript is same of JavaScript as JScript was the variant of Microsoft’s JavaScript. JScript was named so for it implementation because Microsoft wanted to avoid trademark issues as trademark of JavaScript is Oracle Corporation. 

Differences between JavaScript and JScript:

Type and TrademarkIt is a scripting language whose trademark is Oracle Corporation.It is also a scripting language but owned by Microsoft.
DevelopedIt was developed in 1995.It was developed in 1996.
Active Content CreationIt does not support active content creation.It can create active online content for WWW.
Browsers CompatibilityAll modern browsers support JavaScript.It’s only support is Microsoft Internet Explorer.
CompilationIt’s code can run in any web browser.It’s code only run in Microsoft browser.
Object AccessIt cannot access web browser objectsIt can access objects of Microsoft browser
PopularityJavaScript is popular language because it is executed in any browser.JScript is not popular language because it limited to internet explorer.
Based OnIt is based on ECMAScript.It is based on Microsoft’s ECMAScript standard.
Scope of ExecutionIt can execute in any browser.It cannot execute in any browser and is limited to Internet explorer only.

Note: There are few similarities exist between JavaScript and JScript. Both of them can used on Client Side and  performance is fast enough.

Last Updated : 01 Mar, 2023
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