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What is Wibree Technology?

Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2020
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Wibree is a set of protocols that are provided for short-range wireless communication. This technology is used for lesser power consumption. This was developed mainly for the Bluetooth data exchange. This is a lightweight technology that can be coupled with tiny transmitters and little batteries they make the entire device very lightweight and easy to carry. 


In 2001, this technology was started by the Nokia Research Center. This was done as a way of lower the power consumption in mobile devices. Lowering the power consumption in mobile phones was a customer need and demand in 2001. It was developed to provide low power consumption, small size, and low cost with interoperability based on the open specification to the users of this technology. It is a technology that is based on radio. In 2006, it was re-branded as Bluetooth Smart. 
It uses low power, has a long battery life, has a tiny chip size, and is more energy-efficient than the Bluetooth technology. It is easily embedded in Bluetooth devices and can be set up very easily. It operates in a similar frequency range as the Bluetooth. i.e. 2.4 GHz. 
Wibree technology covers a distance of 200m. It has a rate of 1 Mbps. The throughput of Wibree technology is 0.2 Mbps. It does not have voice capability. It supports star-bus topology. 


Wibree technology has two implementations : 

  1. Single-mode implementation: These are very simple to implement. Single-mode implementation is a way of low energy implementation. This can be used in heart rate monitor machines and similar machines that need small messages and long battery life. 
  2. Dual-mode implementation: The dual-mode implementation is the Bluetooth technology added to the Wibree technology. This is made to provide low energy usage by Bluetooth devices. 


  1. Health and fitness and wellbeing related gadgets and gizmos use Wibree Technology.
  2. It is used in home automation systems that are usually used in smart homes.
  3. Wibree technology is also used in office-related devices.
  4. It is also used in automatic watches allowing then to be lightweight as well.
  5. It is used in interactive toys to lower their power consumption.
  6. It is used in computers to lower its power consumption.


  1. Wibree technology utilizes very little electricity.
  2. It is a cost-efficient technology.
  3. It is best used in the short ranges.
  4. It has features of being very robust.
  5. All the connections of Wibree technology are made very easy and quick.


  1. Wibree technology has a slow rate of transmission of data.
  2. This technology is not compatible with devices having a high bandwidth.

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