What is the difference between ngRoute and ui-router?

ngRoute: The ngRoute is a module which was developed by the AngularJS team which was a part of AngularJS core earlier. This is a module so that will manage the basic scenarios better, less complexity handles much better.

ui-router: The ui-router is a framework which was made outside of the AngularJS project to enhance and improve the routing capabilities. This is a framework so it will help you to organize parts of your project’s interface

Both of them has unique capabilities, choosing between them depends on your projects. You have to know which one is more useful to your working project, below the features of both is provided that will clear your thoughts, which one should you choose for your project.

ngRoute ui-router
The ngRoutr is good for smaller app where you do not need to inherit the pages from other sections. The ui-router is effective for the larger application becouse it allows nested-views and multiple named-views, it helps to inherit pages from other sections.
In the ngRoute have to change all the links manually that will be time consuming for the larger applications, but smaller application nrRoute will perform faster. In the ui-router it allows strong-type linking between states so if you change any one place link that will change the links every where. That has to be used by ui-sref.
The router provider for the ngRoute $routeProvider The router provider for the ngRoute $stateProvider $urlRouterProvide
The template view for the ngRoute is ng-view which is better compare to ui-view. The tempalte view for the ui-router ui-view much powerfull for multipage inherit from other sections.
You can’t determine if you are in state. You can easily determine if you are in a state or parent of a state to adjust UI element within your templates via $state provided by ui-router which you can expose via setting it in $rootScope on run.
The router start event for the ngRoute $routeChangeStart The router start event for the ngRoute $stateChangeStart
To get Params as a service in the ngRoute $route -> $route.cuurent.params.id and $routeParams -> $routeParams.id To get Params as a service in the ui-router $state -> $state.params.id and $stateParams -> $stateParams.id
The ngRoute organized arround the URL routes. The ui-router organized arround states routes.

Conclusion: Both of them perform better for there territory, choosing between them depends on your project. If your project applications contain then the complex view I will prefer the ui-router over the ng-Route else there are so many other features that will help to build your project in a manner way. If your project contains less complex view then you are free to choose.

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