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What is Salami Attack?

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2022
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A salami attack is a method of cybercrime that attackers or a hacker typically used to commit financial crimes. Cybercriminals steal money or resources from financial accounts on a system one at a time. This attack occurs when several minor attacks combine to create a sturdy attack. because of this sort of cybercrime, these attacks frequently go undetected. Salami attacks are used for the commission of economic crimes Those who are found guilty of such an attack face punishment under Section 66 of the IT Act.

Cyber attack


Working of Salami attack:

During this kind of attack, an awfully insignificant change is introduced that goes completely unnoticed. as an example, a bank accountant inserts a program, into the bank’s servers, that deducts a satiny low amount of cash from the account of each customer. No account holder will probably notice this Unauthorized debit, but the bank accountant will make an outsized amount of cash each month. as an example, an employee of a bank in the USA was terminated from his job. Disgruntled at having been supposedly mistreated by his employers the person first introduced a logic bomb into the bank’s systems.

Types of Salami attacks:

  • Salami Slicing: Salami Slicing occurs when the attackers/hacker get customer information, like Bank/credit card details and other similar sort of detail by using an online database the attacker/hacker deduct an awfully touch of cash from each account and these amounts add up to an oversized amount of cash and this can be often invisibly to deduct such amount. because the amount is tiny. thanks to the limited amount of cash the bulk of individuals doesn’t report the deduction. as an example, suppose an attacker/hacker withdraws ₹0.0001 from each checking account. Nobody will notice so, an oversized sum is produced when one dollar is deducted from each account holder at that bank and the attacker got a stack of cash.
  • Penny Shaving: when the attackers/hacker steal money in small amounts. By using rounding to the closest within the transactions. so, change is so small so, nobody can detect such dough in a single transaction

Prevention From Salami attack:

Users are encouraged to oversee their weekly transactions and month-to-month bank statements to shield their bank accounts from being hindered by a salami attack. you’ll monitor any potential charges on your account by actively scanning through these activities. If you have got any issues with any strange charges on your account, contact your bank. Financial institutions, like banks, should also update their security so that the attacker doesn’t become conversant in how the framework is meant. Banks should advise customers on the due to report any money deduction that they weren’t tuned in to.

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