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What is Pascal’s Calculator ?

Last Updated : 19 Jan, 2021
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Pascal’s Calculator :

In the year 1642, a French scientist named Blaise Pascal invented the machine used for addition called Pascal’s calculation. It is a mechanical calculator that normally represents the position of each digit with the help of gears in it. Pascal calculator was the first calculator invented in the mid 17th century. 

The major or main purpose of pascals calculator is to add or subtract the two of the numbers directly and also to perform the multiplication and division of the same numbers through the repeated addition and subtraction. The Pascal calculator or machine is made up of metal. It contains various components like gear, display bar, sautoir, and stylus.

Features of Pascal’s Calculator :

  • It can be carried easily, as it is smaller which makes it travel-friendly.
  • Each of the pascals calculator drums is made up of 2 different rows.
  • There are 8 adjustment mechanisms in the front of each window.
  • It uses a wheel for performing various calculations.
  • It is slower in speed and it is time-consuming as well.
  • It can only do addition and subtraction.

Working of Pascal’s Calculator :

The main purpose of this is Adding and subtracting two numbers directly and also performing multiplication and division through repeated addition or subtraction. It is made up of metal The calculation of numbers is being done by turning the wheels clockwise. The wheels will move according to the positions as they correspond to the value of the corresponding digit.

In this calculator, the numbers can be added by rotating the wheel clockwise which is located at the bottom of the machine and for subtraction rotate those same wheels counterclockwise.  The Pascal calculator/machine has no crank and it is a form of a direct adding machine. The number which is added in that calculator, their values are being added to the accumulator which are as being dialed into it. When we talk about its display, after moving its display bar, the operator is able to see the numbers restored in the calculator and the complement of their values. All the mathematical functions or calculations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication are being done or supported.

Hence, the Pascal calculator is an arithmetic machine that is used for adding a machine that is to be produced in any quantity and actually used. 

Advantages of Pascal’s Calculator :

  • It uses a wheel for calculation
  • It is made up of metal.
  • All the mathematical calculations are performed by it.
  • It travels friendly as it is the same as a shoebox
  • It has eight different windows on top of it.
  • Inside the Pascal calculator, the small drum is seen with the digits of the result.
  • The wheels will rotate according to the positions as the wheels correspond to the value of the corresponding digits.
  • The calculations are being done by turning the wheels clockwise.

Disadvantages of Pascal’s Calculator :

  • It is slow in speed
  • It can only do addition and subtraction.
  • It is a time-consuming machine
  • It is not a strong advocate of the binary system as compared to the Leibniz calculator.

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