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What is MEVN Stack ?

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What are web stacks?

Firstly let us understand what is a stack, if you are familiar with web development or full-stack development you might have come across the terms MEAN, MERN, LAMP, etc. These are web application stacks consisting of a bundle of software and frameworks used for building a web application from front-end to back-end and make them fully functional. A stack usually consists of database software, back-end or front-end technology, a particular Operating system(Sometimes back-end technologies are cross-platform hence no particular OS), a web-server.

For Example:

MERN Stack:

MEAN Stack:

Components of Web Stacks: MongoDB is a NoSQL database. NodeJS works in the back-end and is used for building a Javascript environment so that JS can run anywhere and not just on a browser. ExpressJS is a Javascript framework build upon and for NodeJS. It is lightweight and helps in simplifying the server-side of a web application as it organizes the server-side code into an MVC structure hence helps in faster development.

Now there are some front-end technologies like ReactJS and AngularJS which as you might have guessed it help in the client-side development of web applications. ReactJS is an open-source, javascript library used for developing user interfaces. While AngularJS is an open-source javascript-based framework used in the front-end for developing dynamic web pages while working with HTML.

What is MEVN?


MEVN is again a web stack just like MERN and MEAN though it is relatively new as the front-end technology used in it which is Vue.JS. That is the only difference in MEAN, MERN, MEVN that the front-end technology used in each of these stacks is different.

In MEVN, we use Vue.JS another open-source framework for building user interfaces. Vue is fast, easy to learn but as it is newer the community support is relatively less which is one downside of VueJS.

Advantages of VueJS:

  1. The biggest advantage of MEVN is that javascript is used on all levels of development from client-side to server-side which simplifies the process and makes development faster and efficient.
  2. It is platform-independent.
  3. MVC architecture in the back-end organizes the server-side and hence back-end development becomes faster and more efficient.
  4. Vue.JS is faster and easy to learn.

Disadvantages of VueJS:

  1. Vue.JS is a new framework hence it doesn’t have the support of a large community. It is still growing.
  2. Lack of plugins as Vue is still not as big as Angular or React.
Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021
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