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What is Lightning?

Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2021
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During thunderstorms, air currents move upwards and water droplets move down. This causes the separation of charges between clouds and between clouds and earth. When the magnitude of charges will increase, air (normally a foul conductor) starts conducting and permits the flow of electricity. This is often referred to as lightning, as this flow of charge is in the course of bright streaks of sunshine and sound.

What is Lightning?

Lightning is an electrical spark, however on an enormous scale, that results from the accumulation of positive and negative charges within a thunderstorm. When the charges constituted become strong enough, it appears as a flash of light like a bolt, This usually occurs within the clouds or between the clouds and the ground. A bolt of lightning reaches a temperature approaching 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit in a split second. The rapid heating and cooling of air near the lightning cause thunder.


What Causes Lightning?

During a violent storm, the air currents move upwards whereas the water droplets move downward. These vigorous movements cause separation of charges. This results in the positive charges collect close to the higher edges of the clouds and also the electric charge accumulating close to the lower edges of the clouds. There is an accumulation of positive charges close to the bottom additionally. 

Lightning due to accumulation of charges

Negative and positive charges meet, manufacturing streaks of bright lightweight and sound. We tend to see streaks as lightning. The method is thought of as a spark. The method of an electrical discharge between completely different clouds or between clouds and also the earth causes lightning. A lightning strike might destroy life and property. Therefore, it’s necessary to require measures to shield ourselves.

Safety Measures taken during Lightning

One mustn’t occupy an associate in nursing open place throughout lightning and electrical storm. Hence, as shortly as one tends to hear any alert regarding lightning or electrical storm, he/she must always rush to a secure place like a house or a building. If someone is there in a very automobile or bus, they must keep within and keep all the doors and windows closed. One ought to scan within the safe place till the storm lasts.

Outdoor Safety:

  1. One mustn’t keep in associate in the nursing open place like Associate in Nursing open vehicle sort of bike, tractor, or open fields, elevated places, or tall trees.
  2. One mustn’t carry an associate in nursing umbrella throughout the storm.
  3. If someone is around a forest they must hide beneath short trees.
  4. One mustn’t get regarding any poles on metal objects.
  5. One ought to squat low on the bottom rather than giving birth down.

Indoor Safety:

  1. Lightning is an electrical discharge thence one ought to keep one’s hands off from electrical wires phone, cables and metal pipes throughout an electrical storm.
  2. One might use a conductor phone or a movable in Associate in a nursing emergency.
  3. One mustn’t are available in contact with the running water thence one ought to avoid bathing.
  4. One ought to disconnect all the electrical appliances within the house, for instance, TV, computers or music systems. Electrical lights don’t cause any hurt and thence is unbroken on.

Lightning Conductors

Lightning conductors facilitate guarding buildings throughout lightning. They carry with them a metal rod that’s taller than the building that is put inside the walls throughout construction. They run all the thanks to the world and act as an on-the-spot passage for discharge throughout lightning. If anyone is on a bus, an automobile, or other coated vehicle, then one should not embark until the tremors stop. Raise the motive force to drive slowly to a secure place.


How does a Lightning Conductor work?

The conductor rod consists of pointed ends that square measure created of copper wire. These copper wires square measure brought down on the building and square measure connected to an aluminous plate within the ground. If lightning hits the building the copper wires carry these charges quickly to the bottom.

Sample Questions

Question 1: Why will lightning strike tall buildings easily?


As it is known that lightning happens as a streak of charges that fall toward the bottom. Tall buildings and tall trees will simply conduct the charge towards the bottom. 

The air gap between these buildings and lightning is brief thence they’re additionally liable to lightning. That doesn’t mean that short objects wouldn’t be suffering from lightning.

Hence, the lightning easily strikes tall buildings and trees.

Question 2: What is lightning? What causes lightning?


Lightning is additionally an electrical spark, however on an enormous scale. 

It’s caused by the buildup of charges within the clouds.

Question 3: What is an electrical charge? What square measures charged objects?


When a plastic refill is rubbed with polyethylene it acquires a tiny low charge. 

Equally, once a plastic comb is rubbed with dry hair, it acquires a tiny low charge. 

These objects square measure known as charged objects.

Question 4: What is a static charge? However, will it take issue from electrical current?


The electric charges generated by rubbing square measure known as static charges. 

The static charges don’t move whereas charges move in the current.

Question 5: What does one mean by electrical discharge? However, will it occur?


When the negative and positive charges meet, streaks of bright lightweight, and sound square measure created.

This method is termed discharge. For example, a spark occurring between two or additional clouds or between clouds and earth.

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