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What is Delay Distortion in Computer Network?

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  • Last Updated : 03 Dec, 2021

Delay distortion is basically a process where the frequency and velocity of signal wave can transmit only at a certain range of bandwidth in a particular medium. This process leads to delay distortion as the velocity and frequency will not be able to travel at the same amplitude as before which will eventually lead to a delay in the arrival of the wave. This delay in the time interval is the main property shown by the refractive index of that medium because the frequency and velocity get differently impacted by the refractive index of the medium.

The data network signals get distorted over that medium due to varying frequency and velocity. Hackers may get access to this distorted data as it is a high vulnerability to data leaks. Any single data packet in the distorted network data path may spill all the data out and it may result in destabilization of the entire transmission line of the data packets over the network.

However, we can solve the problem of data delay distortion using a telephone line that equalizes the speed as well as the frequency of the medium waves.

How Delay Distortion takes place?

Data Delay Distortion is basically a type of transmission line impairment effect where when the signal sent through one device is received at another device, it appears to be completely different. The transmission line impairment may be due to various effects like – noise and attenuation distortion in the network signal.

Delay distortion is appearing in those cases only when many distinct signals in which every distinct signal has a unique and different frequency which makes every time a completely different signal. But while converting the signal to a new signal, we have a basic delay in the conversion process which leads to a change in the change shape and amplitude of the signal.

Causes of Delay Distortion

The main causes of Delay Distortion are:

  • The main reason behind the cause delay distortion is that the frequency and velocity of the signal in-network medium do not match up. Due to this, there occurs a delay in the signals across the network and they appear to be significantly distorted.
  • When signals occur in delayed time intervals, it results in different frequencies of the signals with different amplitudes of each point of the signal wave and it completely changes the nature of the original signal leading to Delay Distortion.

Solving Delay Distortion

The Data Delay distortion problem can be solved by using a particular technique in which we can manually adjust both the frequency and the velocity of the medium network signal. For solving the given problem of delay distortion we can attach a number of amplifiers or repeaters depending on the need of the signal. 

Those amplifiers or repeaters can probably increase the frequency of the delay distorted network signal so that it can catch up with the velocity of the network signal. Hence, the velocity and the frequency will be on the same data line path and so, they won’t be able to lag with each other and cause a delay in the network signal.

Also, the equalizer in the network signal will help to reduce the effect of data delay distortion by smoothening the unequal all the attenuation in the frequency levels of the network signal. The equalizer is basically a type of filter which only allows the signals in which all the velocity and frequency of the network signals are the same and the others are then equalized and then smoothened out using the above process and then allowed to pass through the equalizer.

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