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What is Chatting? – Definition, Types, Platforms, Risks

Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2021
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Internet nowadays is very common and available to all at cheap rates and can be used as a good means of communication. Using the internet we can make text conversations with anyone. Send your message to anyone and will get a reply, it’s known as instant messaging. You can talk over the internet with anyone, which is known as voice chatting, and even with the help of a webcam, we can also have video calls or video chatting.

Chatting refers to the kind of communication done with the help of the internet which present live transmission of text messages from sender to receiver. Online chatting can be termed as the point-to-point, one sender-to-one receiver, or one sender-to-many receiver. It also features voice, video, and also web conferencing services. Chatting can be done as a chat-based as well as video-based (using webcams). Chatting nowadays has evolved uniquely. In today’s world, we have a lot of applications and websites which are widely used across the world. Chatting over the internet has made it a lot easier to have a conversation with anyone. People from any corner of the world are now able to contact the person on the other edge.

Following are the most common type of chatting: 

  • Instant Messaging: It is the most common way of chatting. It is text-based communication. It happens between two people or groups of people.
  • Internet Relay Chat: It is known as IRC. It is also a text-based chat. It is not owned by any company and to use IRC we need a client program. Using IRC we can participate in discussion channels or can communicate with only two partners or users.
  • ICQ: It is known as I seek you. It is the most useful communication program. Using ICQ we can send files, URLs, and more. It is just like instant messaging but allows you to enter into the chat room and can chat with multiple people at a time.
  • Voice Chatting: We can chat not only with text but also with sounds as well. It is known as voice chatting. Voice chatting can be used with the internet just as a phone call. Internet voice call is free and unlimited, it only needs a good internet connection.
  • Video chatting: Video chatting is also a kind of chatting which is also done with the help of the internet and it also requires a webcam as it is a face to face chatting. Internet speed required by video chatting is higher as compared to text and video chatting. And a good quality camera too. 

Chat Room

A chat room is a part of an online service where users can have conversations with each other through the internet. It can also be termed a virtual room. First users need to register to the server after registration users can log in with the help of a username and password. In the chat room, users are allowed to have conversations in multiple mediums such as text voice, or even video calls. Transmission of multimedia ( images, videos, etc.) can also be done in the chat room.

Chat Etiquette

Following are some chat etiquette that we should follow while chatting:

  • Never use abusive words during a chat session.
  • Don’t create too many groups unless necessary.
  • Never share sensitive information on chat especially in groups.
  • Don’t share viral posts unless it’s verified.
  • During chats, banking details must not be shared.
  • Never share private messages of user/friend/ person without asking their permission.
  • Always remember no one is perfect so always respect people.

Chatting Platforms

Nowadays there are many chatting platforms available for users. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the oldest and most used platforms for chatting. It was founded in February 2004. Facebook offers text, voice, and video chat to its users. Users can also post some materials on Facebook. Facebook is available for users in many different languages. Facebook is currently owning different chatting applications. (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger).
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is also one of the most used platforms. It is owned by the Facebook group. WhatsApp too offers all types of chatting (Text, voice, and video). It is available in many different languages.
  • Skype: Skype was initially released in August 2003. It is mostly used for live meetings. It is available in 101 different languages.
  • Telegram: Telegram is a popular chatting application widely used across the world. It also allows group as well as individual conversations. It is a multiplatform application, it can be used on different operating systems for example mac, windows, Linux, ios, android.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat is a mobile application for both Android as well as ios. One of the core concepts of Snapchat is that the message sends to anyone whether it’s a videos message, text, or audio it will only last for a short period.
  • Hike: Hike messenger also known as hike sticker chat is a mobile application. Its main feature is that it comes with sticker chatting which is unique as compared to other apps whatever text you want to send it can be converted into a sticker.

Risk from Chatting

Chatting also has some risks which one should be aware of:

  • During Chatting always be aware of fake profiles, fake profiles are very dangerous as they will allure you to share some confidential information, which can be used in blackmail.
  • Never use that application or platforms which don’t offer proper end-to-end encryption. Using such platforms can lead to chat leaks.
  • Cyberbullying is a major of risk chatting over the internet, it includes sending threatening messages, spreading lies about anyone, commenting bad or abusive language on someone’s online profile, or blackmailing someone to bash their looks or reputation.
  • Never share your profile passwords with anyone, it can be missed in multiple ways ad can get down your reputation.

How Chat Safely?

While chatting keep the following points in mind for safely chat:

  • Never share personal information with any unknown user.
  • Before chatting always check the profile of the user, and try to determine if it’s fake or real.
  • Only chat with those users who have a genuine profile picture.
  • Don’t trust anyone. Never trust any unknown user to share banking details or any personal information.
  • Always keep your guard. During online chat never keep your guard off, always be aware if someone is trying to peek into the device.
  • Do complain (tell your parents) instantly if noticed some unsuspicious activity.

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