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What is AUI(Attachment Unit Interface)?

  • Last Updated : 22 May, 2020

AUI stands for Attachment Unit Interface. AUI is a portion of Ethernet standards that specifies how a cable is going to connect to an Ethernet card. AUI is a physical and logical interface. AUI is defined in IEEE 802.3 standard for 10BASE5 Ethernet. AUI connector is a 15 port coonector that provides a path between an Ethernet node’s Physical Signaling and the Medium Attachment Unit (MAU).


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1CI-SControl In Circuit Shield
2CI-AControl In Circuit A
3DO-AData Out Circuit A
4DI-SData In Circuit Shield5DI-AData In Circuit A
6VCVoltage Common (0 V)
7CO-AControl Out Circuit A (not used)
8CO-SControl Out Circuit Shield (not used)
9CI-BControl In Circuit B
10DO-BData Out Circuit B
11DO-SData Out Circuit Shield (not used)
12DI-BData In Circuit B13VPVoltage Plus (+12 V)
14VSVoltage Shield (not used)
15CO-BControl Out Circuit B (not used)
ShellPGProtective Ground
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