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What are the three main components of political parties?

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  • Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2023
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A political party can be defined as a group of people who work together to influence public policy, run the government, and win elections. A political party is chosen by the public through the voting process. These political parties participate in elections and the winning party will serve the public. The winning party will form new programs and policies for the people to impress the public.

There are three main components of a political party:

  1. Leader
  2. Active members


  • The practical parts of a political party’s campaign are driven by political leaders. They either agree or disagree with the statements being sent by their party. 
  • These leaders often have complete freedom over whether they wish to include a certain concept in their plan.
  • There are several kinds of leaders in every political party. 
  • It all depends on the organization of the political campaign and the organizational style they are using.
  • A national-level party, for example, will have a list of leaders approved by their positions.
  • As a result, depending on their position, they will play a different role in shaping the party’s policy. 
  • However, practically all of them are responsible for and required to establish party policy in their respective regions.

Active members

  • These are the persons whom any party respects the most since they can help in managing the campaign.
  • They can serve as volunteers, which greatly cuts the expense of political campaigns.
  • They can serve as volunteers, which greatly cuts the expense of political campaigns. 
  • Campaigns usually employ volunteers carefully to make the most of their abilities as they can do several activities.
  • Active party members can provide feedback to political leaders who develop the party’s policies in a variety of ways. 
  • These members sometimes provide input to the campaigns since they are aware of the situation on the ground.


  • The individuals who determine the success or failure of a political campaign are the supporters of the various political parties. 
  • Even though they are not actively employed by the political party to campaign for it, they give their vote for that party.
  • Depending on how much they are interested in the political party, they may be more or less involved. Because of the variations in their levels of involvement, not all followers can be grouped in the same way.
  • But they all have one thing in common they are prepared to support the party when it is needed. 
  • They are the fundamental supporters, as compared to independent voters, who do not truly support the political campaign’s ideas.
  • They can use relation campaigning to promote their party even without making an official announcement. The best way to promote a political party’s message without spending a lot of money is through this kind of campaigning.

FAQs on Political Parties

Question 1: What is a political party?


A political party is a group of people who stand together to win elections, run the government and make public policy.

Question 2: What are the characteristics of a political party?


The main characteristics of a political party include attaining power, pursue of an ideology, having a common agenda, establish a government and acting as a link between the people and the government.

Question 3: Why do we need a political party?


We need political parties because parties contest elections and play a decisive role in making laws for the country. They form and run the government. Political parties also play the role of opposition.

Question 4: What is a political party with a majority called?


The ruling or the governing party is a political party or coalition holding the majority of the elected positions.

Question 5: Write the main functions of Leader, Active member, and Follower.


  1. Leaders: They are responsible for developing the party’s policies and programs and selecting candidates to run in elections.
  2. Active Members: These are the members of the party who are actively involved in its various committees and take part in their work.
  3. Followers: Voters who support the party by voting in its favor during an election and who belong to the party’s ideas.  
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