What are the different job profiles offered to a Computer Science B.E./B.Tech graduate?

There are plenty of Computer Science jobs available in the market based on your skills and qualification. The booming software field has created a variety of job opportunities. There are various fields IT aspirants can work in departments like design, testing etc.

Following are some of the options for a career after computer science engineering:

Job Title Required Skills
Application Analyst
  • Problem Solving
  • The ability to relay technical information to non-technical users and elicit clients’ needs
  • The ability to work independently but also as a part of a team
Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data analysis
  • Specific Industry Knowledge
  • Communication Skills
Computer Programmer
  • Analyze the data structures and algorithms in a program
  • Analyzing the time and space complexity of a program
Data Architect
  • Data integration, Data access
  • Logical and physical data modeling skills
Database Manager
  • Understanding of one or more traditional databases or the new technologies
  • Troubleshoot data integrity issues
  • Manage a team of other database specialists
Data Warehouse Developer
  • Collect and analyze business data from external and internal sources
  • Business intelligence skills
  • Data mining, Data analysis, Reporting
Graphic Designer
  • Creativity
  • Technology (HTML,CSS)
  • Ability to learn digital design platforms
Information Security Analyst
  • Install and configure security-related software (firewalls, encryption)
  • Design and run penetration testing (simulation of attacks)
IT Manager
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Leading without authority
Mobile App Developer
  • Understanding the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)
  • Understanding of specific programming/ scripting languages
  • Development of frameworks, specific database packages
Network Security Engineer
  • Analyze network usage for security issues
  • Understanding of relevant compliance issues
Programmer Analyst
  • Performing requirements analysis
  • Ccoding of software, testing and maintenance
Software Developer
  • Coding, Debugging
  • Creation of Flowcharts, Algorithms
Telecommunications Manager
  • Manage of a team of telecom/ networking specialists
  • Stay abreast of new telecom technologies for upgrade consideration
  • Interact with vendors as necessary
Web Developer
  • Should be good in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and related technologies
  • “back-end” coding, or require specialization
  • Back-end coding could be using Java, Ruby, Python or Perl, etc.
  • Database queries and manipulation
Data Scientist
  • In contrast, data scientists are focused on advanced mathematics and statistical analysis on that generated data
  • Simply put, data scientists depend on data engineers
  • title1
Data Engineer
  • Data Engineers are focused on building infrastructure and architecture for data generation
  • Tools and Components of Data Architecture
  • In-Depth Knowledge of SQL, Other Database Solutions, Machine Learning, Data Warehousing and ETL Tools
Full Stack Developer
  • A full-stack web developer’s role in a website’s development lies in both the front-end and Back-End categories
  • A full-stack web developer has expertise in all layers of a website’s development
Technical Content Engineer
  • The content strategist plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content
  • The content engineer organizes the shape, structure, and application of content assets

* – many more …

There are two types of domains companies are working. They are:

  1. Product based companies –
    These focus on making their products better, e.g., Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft etc. For better growth opportunities in future, then one must get into product based companies rather than service based companies because product based companies hire for people with skills and they have better career opportunities. Skills required for product based companies are:

    • Good coding skills
    • Reasoning skills
    • Work on projects and showcase your skills over the domain.
  2. Service based companies –
    These focus on working on these products and help provide service to the clients, e.g., Wipro, TCS, Cognizant etc.

In Government sector, the future scope is more and some of the job opportunities are:

  • ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)
  • DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization)
  • BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center)

Computer science engineers can get jobs in non-IT companies like,

  1. Universities,
  2. Research,
  3. Private and public industries,
  4. Government departments,
  5. Business organizations
  6. Commercial organizations
  7. Manufacturing sector, etc.

Be Your Own Boss – Entrepreneurship:
Starting off your own business is also a great option after completing your B.Tech. This option lets you have the freedom to express your creativity and ideas. There will be frequent challenges, ups and downs to overcome. Starting your own business will require a lot of hard work.Check the pros and cons before you choose this option.

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