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What are Macro Keys and How to Use Them?

Last Updated : 20 Dec, 2022
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Nowadays computers are not only used to gather information, but also it is being used for entertainment purposes. From playing games to watching movies, these can be done with the help of computers. Sometimes there is a need to perform a series of tasks every moment of time on the computer. It seems helpful if there is a single key input in the computer that performs all those series of tasks. Those keys are known as the Macro Keys.

Macro Keys:

Macro keys are the special set of keys in any keyboard. Mainly, they have simply used keys present on the keyboards. But there is some special kind of keyboards are present. That has the Macro Keys. Generally, in those special keyboards, there are six Macro Keys present. These keyboards are known as Gaming keyboards. As usual, these keyboards cost more than traditional keyboards. Gaming keyboards are often used by professional software developers for implementation of the large projects. Macro keys can be configured as per users’ choice. Sometimes, during any gameplay or during professional work, there is a need to execute the same task repetitively. At that point, the Macro keys are being used to reduce the workload. Along with the keyboards, there are gaming mouses are present. Macro keys are also present there. There, the clicks on the mouse seem like the key in the gaming keyboard.

These keyboards are in demand because of the Macro keys. These keys can be configured. As per the need of the users, these keys can be configured. Users can assign a series of inputs to these keys. Suppose, the user wants to write the statement “GeeksforGeeks” every time in a proper area. So, they can assign keys of the “GeeksforGeeks” to any of the Macro keys. So, whenever the user presses the Macro key, the “GeeksforGeeks” will be printed promptly. This feature helps to reduce work pressure. Sometimes, if the user requires it, they can configure it in other terms also. There is a repetitive feature in the Macro keys. If the user configures it as a repetitive one, then the task will be performed in that amount of time. So, if the reputation is set to two, then the word “GeeksforGeeks” will be written two times.

Mechanical Keyboard:

There is a keyboard that is traditionally used by many users. This keyboard is known as the Traditional Keyboard. But when a user completely wants to taste the feeling of using one keyboard. Then they suddenly move to the Mechanical Keyboards. These are the most impressive type of keyboards. These keyboards are large enough that the traditional keyboards. Also, the keys are bigger than the normal keyboards. As the keys are large enough, so the keyboard is heavy enough. Another difference is that Mechanical keyboard is much costlier than normal keyboards. One can purchase two to three normal keyboards within the budget of a single mechanical keyboard.

The feeling of using a mechanical keyboard can’t be expressed in words. The key response is son better than the normal keyboards. The keys can execute the task with a very soft touch also. After pressing any keys, the key provides feedback to the user. Sometimes it provides colorful feedback to the user. Using a mechanical keyboard will help to write down anything without any issues & easily. Also, there is another feature that, produces loud sounds than normal keyboards while pressing the keys. Macro keys are only present on these keyboards. Macro keys are only available there. For all these reasons, the mechanical keyboard is often termed a Gaming keyboard.


There is a need to have the software for the gaming keyboard. Every keyboard has different software. Every brand offers different software for it. Sometimes the software is installed while connecting the keyboard to the device. At a very fast time, when the keyboard gets attached to the machine, the software is installed on the device. Or sometimes the software needs to be installed from the browser itself. So, before moving to the use of the Macro keys, that software should be present in the device. All the configuration needs to be done with the help of certain software.

How To Use Macro Keys: 

Steps To Enable/Create Macro Keys:

Step 1: At first, users need to open certain software of the keyboard brand. Then users need to move to the Macro section of the software. Users need to create a new Macro there. First, users need to provide the name of the Macro group. Users need to write their names there. Then users need to click on the Plus button.


Step 2: Now, users need to enter the name of the Macro. Users need to write the name of the Macro. Then, they have to click on the Plus icon to add that macro key.


Step 3: Now, it is time to configure that macro key. For that purpose, users need to click on the Record button. This will start the recording of the inputs that users are entering from the keyboard.


Step 4: Now, users need to enter the keys on the keyboard. If users want to configure the Macro key to print “GeeksforGeeks” every time. So, users need to enter “G”, “E”, “E”, “K” keys in this format. These keys need to be entered from the keyboard. After entering the keys, users need to click on the Stop button. This will stop the recording of the keys.


Step 5: Now, as soon as the user presses the Stop button, a virtual representation of the keyboard will be in front of the user. From that keyboard, users need to choose the specific Macro Key. Users need to click on it.

Step 6: Then a new tab will be opened. From there, users need to select the Macro Key Group & Macro Key Name. After selecting those options from the dropdown list, users need to click on Ok.


Hence, we have successfully configured one Macro Key & it is ready to be used.

Steps To Edit Macro Key:

Step 1: To edit one macro key first, users need to select the Macro Group & Macro Key from the software.


Step 2: Now, after selecting the proper key, they will find the previously added keys for that macro. Now, if they want to edit the Macro Keys with some different set of keys, then users need to press the Record button.


Step 3: Now, users need to enter the keys as usual. The same thing, users need to do what they have executed while creating or enabling the Macro Keys. After entering the keys, users need to press the Stop button.


Step 4: Now, the new window will open, the user doesn’t need to do anything there. The changes will not work here. Users need to click Ok to apply the changes to the Macro keys.


Hence, we have successfully edited the Macro Key.

Steps To Enable Macro Repeat Function:

Step 1: To enable the Macro Repeat function, there is a special option is present. Users just need to click on that option. While creating one fresh Macro key, users need to increase the loop number there. Increasing the number will enable the repeat function.

Note: The loop number will indicate how many times of the key will be repeated. If the number is set to 2, then whenever the key will be pressed that number of times, the task will be performed. This will be the only change while creating Macro keys. The other steps will be the same as usual.


Step 2: Now, as usual, users need to click on the Record button to start the recording of the Macro Keys.


Step 3: After entering the digits of the keys, we need to click on the stop button & again, we need to configure the Macro Key in the same way. This will be the same process as users do while creating the Macro Keys.


Hence, we have successfully enabled the Macro Repeat function.

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