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Western Digital Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2021

Western Digital visited the campus in August 2021 for an internship + Full-Time role. There was a total of 5 rounds.

Round 1 : Online test

The online test had questions from the topics: Aptitude, C/C++ output ques, OS, data structures and there were some questions from the electronics branch as well. Since the level of difficulty was of moderate level, therefore try to solve a maximum number of ques as possible and try to be quick. The time duration was of 1 hour.

Suggestion: practice aptitude from Geeksforgeeks or from Indiabix, try giving aptitude tests also for speed.

Round 2: First Technical round

The duration of this round was about 1hr. The interviewer basically tested my c knowledge and made me write some codes

Round 3: Second Technical round

This round went for 1hrs 50 mins. My interviewer was a cool guy so i enjoyed the round. He asked me lots of coding ques and puzzles.

Some questions were:

Round 4: Managerial Round

  • This around lasted for about half an hour.
  • Why you did Mtech (since I am from Mtech ).
  • If your team member is not working, what you will do?
  • How do you handle the pressure?
  • 2 questions from OS.
  • Why we should hire you?

The profile was of firmware development, so he wanted to see whether I am interested in hardware or not. I showed interest by telling about HDD SSD, Pendrive working, etc. (i knew it).

Round 5: HR round

  • This was just about 5-10 mins. Basically, HR just confirmed the hiring and location. He told me that I had pretty good feedback from the interviewers ( i was too happy when I heard this from HR).

In the end 7 of us were selected.


  • Prepare Linked List and OS very well and read some puzzles too. Be confident and keep a smile on your face every time. Remember apart from coding skills, communication skills also matters to some extent, and always ask ques from the interviewer when he says “do you have any ques for me”.

All the best. I would like to thank Geeksforgeeks, it helped a lot in my entire placement preparation.

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