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Wells Fargo Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021
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Wells Fargo visited my college for FTE and Intern selection process 2022. For the FTE 

Out of 200+ students, 150 were shortlisted based on their CGPA. The complete process took place in 4 rounds with 1st being an online test, 2 technical rounds, and 1 HR telephonic round.

Round 1(Online Test 100 mins) The test was divided into 3 sections

  1. Verbal
  2. Business Aptitude
  3. Coding

Verbal: 12 questions in 15 mins based on detecting grammatical errors fill in the blanks and vocabulary. This was pretty easy if one has a moderate level of English knowledge.

Business Aptitude: 15 questions in 25 mins. These were interpretation questions based on business graphs, candlesticks, etc.

Small Tip: When the question seems easy check for options because it is more likely to be tricky.

Coding: 2 questions in 60 minutes

  1. An online shopping website provides home delivery for products ordered online. N delivery persons are assigned to deliver parcels in the city. Customers may update the delivery address located, even after the delivery is scheduled. If the delivery location is updated, the delivery person is informed of the extra distance in a message separately. If the new location is outside the range, he receives extra compensation. As per the rules, this kind of compensation is only given once. There are 2 types of queries
  • Find the sum of the salaries of the required delivery persons.
  • Update the salary with the extra compensation for the employee.
  •  This is a clear-cut Use-Case of Fenwick tree with an unordered map. 
  • There is a bank with newly established k counters. Each day the bank allocates a certain range of N customers to a branch, by giving a token. The customer’s tokens that are not assigned by a counter on the present day, will be processed by the counters that were allocated on the previous day. Counter 0 holds all the customers, that are not reallocated to any of the new counters. This happens for M days. The question is to find the max number of people that are allocated to one count on that particular day.

This is a simple greedy problem and can be understood by examining the test cases.

NOTE: The compiler doesn’t support any of the libraries and must use basic level implementations.

After this round, 33 students were shortlisted, and luckily I was on the list.

Round 2(F2F Interview on Zoom): The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself while going through my resume.

He asked a lot of questions regarding my project, in-depth. Please be thorough with the projects mentioned in the resume.

Then he gave me a simple puzzle i.e. Find the next element in the series. 

Later he asked me to open any IDE, and asked me to solve the question – Multiplication of the linked list.

Initially, the question was too vague, to understand that the question is about using the linked list. After a few queries, I understood that the input can be taken as a linked list, and started to solve it. I was a little nervous about the implementation because there were a lot of things to consider and I had to implement many helper functions, which started to kill the time and create chaos in my mind. The interviewer was very friendly and helping me constantly to correct the functions, with corner cases.

Please be sure to speak your mind, then only he can assess the thinking ability and provide proper hints. Even though I was not able to solve the question, at least I was able to tell the logic behind it.

17 candidates were shortlisted to the next Sr. manager round

Round 3(F2F Interview on Zoom): The interviewer was very friendly, so it helped relieve my stress and focus on my strengths. He started by asking basic questions about the things written in the resume.

And then, he asked few pretty interesting design questions.  

Let us suppose, there were many ATMs in the city, and if a customer goes to a bank, and finds that the ATM is out of cash. In that situation, what are the different ways that a software developer can create a solution to at least convince the end-user and not make him dissatisfied?

I started to give answers, by mimicking the data structures, i.e. real-life applications of the DSA. He was very much satisfied by the approach and the new ideas.

And then, he moved on to ask some resume-related questions, such as hobbies and achievements. Please be thorough with your resume.

He asked if I had questions. So I asked If there was a security disaster, then who is held responsible? 

Please do ask some reasonable questions, showing that you are genuinely interested in the company.

14 candidates were shortlisted in this round

Round 4(HR Round):

Questions were pretty basic like explain yourself in more detail, extra-curricular activities, would I like to relocate, why, achievements, hobbies.  

I had been preparing for this for a long time so it went great. The interview ended the call by sharing his experiences and hobbies and said that the results are not final yet.

I was offered the position along with 8 others.

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