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Wells Fargo Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2021

Round 1: Online Test on AMCAT

It had three sections:

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  • English Very Simple
  • Business Aptitude – Race against time
  • Coding 2 Questions( Josephus problem and Leetcode 587 )

26 Selected out of 70+

Round 2: Technical Interview Round 1

Questions from the project.

  • Number of nodes when the height of the complete binary tree is given,
  • Swap two numbers without temp variable (bitwise)
  • Print Longest Palindromic Substring (DP)
  • Given a sorted array, find the correct place for a given number (binary search)
  • Database questions that I didn’t know (what are views, what is cursor)
  • DBMS questions that I did know ( Difference between 3NF and 2NF)
  • OOPs (Simple Definitions)

17 people were forwarded to the next round.

Round 3: Managerial Discussion

  • Discussed my internship.
  • Why did you use NoSQL? what is the difference between SQL/NoSQL?
  • ACID properties. She was ramping up to asking CAP theorem, I gave her a gist of the theorem without taking the name, and she explained the theorem to me.
  • Scenario-based Data structures usage (Easy)
  • Discussed other projects
  • Why are new languages moving on to single-threaded systems – I said I didn’t know the answer but I’ll try to gain insights from what I know, and I talked about how JS is single-threaded but still does async functions using the event loop (“What the heck is the event loop anyway?” on youtube).
  • Multithreading in Java, implementation( code not necessary, concepts should be clear)
  • She asked whether I knew C, C++, Python (I had to say no to all three)
  • Then she asked whether I had questions and I asked them.

8 People were selected for the next round which wasn’t eliminatory.

Round 3: HR Round, phone call

  • How was the day?
  • Discussed CTC breakup.
  • Discussed Relocation

Tips: Know yourself before any interview. Be calm & answer politely.

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