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Wells Fargo Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

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Wells Fargo shared an off-campus opportunity through First Naukri platform for the role of Program Associate (SDE).

Round 1 (Online Assessment): OA round was conducted on the SHL (AMCAT) platform which consists of 3 sections. The total duration was 3 hours and it was proctored. 

  • Verbal aptitude: MCQs are on comprehension, vocabulary, and paragraph formation. Level – Easy.
  • Logical Reasoning :  Business data is provided in the form of graphs and charts, which needs to be analyzed and answer the question. Requires both observation and calculation for this round. Level – Medium.
  • Coding: Two coding questions were given with a duration of 1 hour. 1st question was simple array manipulation and 2nd question was based on Greedy Algorithm. Level – Medium.

Round 2 (Technical Interview): The interview was scheduled after 15 days of Online Assessment on Google meet.

  • The interviewer started with his introduction and after that, he asked me to introduce myself. 
  • The interviewer was vice-president. He asked questions on database and asked to write 2 SQL queries. 
  • Later, asked to write any simple program in any language and explain each and every line.
  •  I wrote in Python and asked to write the same in Java. Questions on object oriented programming along with real world examples.

 The interview concluded in 30 minutes. Level – Easy.

Round 3 (Leadership Round): After 2 days, the 3rd round was scheduled. 

  • Interviewer was senior VP with around 20 years of experience. 
  • The interviewer started with his introduction and after that, he asked me to introduce myself. 
  • Later on, he asked to brief about my projects mentioned in Resume without in-depth details.
    Then he asked me to design Bookmyshow application, what technology will I choose and how to start it. 
  • Then asked to improvise. Few questions on Cloud as I had mentioned in resume like advantages, metrics to choose cloud provider, services provided. 
  • Leadership questions like where do you see yourself in next 5 years, higher studies plan, location preferences, any questions for him. 

It was for 30 minutes. Level – Medium.

Round 4 (HR Round): This round was conducted after 1 month via phone call. HR greeted and extended the offer and asked location preferences and plan for higher studies. Also asked do I have any other offer. Why Wells Fargo? It ended up within 3 minutes.

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Last Updated : 14 Nov, 2022
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