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Wells Fargo Interview Experience 2021 (On Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2021
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Wellsfargo Visited Our Campus for FTE. There Were 4 Rounds in Total.  

Round 1(Online Test): For the first round out of 3000 students, 165 we shortlisted based on CGPA. There Were 3 Sections. Total Time –  95 Mins

  1. English: General fill in the blanks, grammar, sentence correction etc.
  2. Business Analysis: Questions were on Interpretation based on business graphs.
  3. Coding: 2 Questions in 60 Minutes.

Coding Questions:

  1. An online shopping website provides home delivery for products ordered online. N delivery persons (with IDs from 0 to N-1) are assigned to deliver parcels in the city. When a delivery is scheduled, the branch office informs the delivery person of the distance of the destination from the branch office Customers may update the delivery location even after the delivery is scheduled if the delivery location is updated, the delivery person is informed of the extra distance in a message separate from the mese that informed him of the original distance. If the new location is outside the delivery agent of the branch then the delivery person receives extra compensation to deliver the product. As per the company rule, extra compensation is given only once to a delivery person.

    The company system generates two types of instructions in the first instruction, the system informs the delivery person of the extra distance for an updated location. The second instruction calculates the total salary of a group of delivery persons having IDs in the given range.

    Write an algorithm to calculate the total salaries of the given group of delivery persons.

  2. A company to developing software for an agricultural firm that grows plants greenhouse technology. The firm has specified the position of all plants that must be covered by a translucent material sheet used to facilitate the plants growth. The software must identify the minimum number of spots where poles can be erected so that the sheet will cover all the plants.

    The following link can be used as reference:

After this round around 40 people were shortlisted.

Round 2(F2F interview Held on Zoom): The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself as he was going through my resume. He then asked me a few general questions about my projects etc.

After that he asked me to open a compiler online and asked me to code the following:

  1. Bubble Sort:
  2. Check if two strings are anagrams:
  3. Remove repeated characters from a given string:

After this he said, let us move on to the design and other general questions:

  1. 80, 15, 70, 10, 60, …. Guess the next number.
  2. There are a wife and husband with 4 children, two girls and two boys, he said, the boys went out to play, the husband did not return from office, the women were invited for a dinner one night. How many people are left at home? I said, if the women actually went to the invited dinner then no one else will be there, he sounded impressed.

Do you know about data structures? I said yes.

  1. What are the types of sort you know?
  2. What do you know about graphs?
  3. He asked a few design questions about my project and that’s it.

He said do you have anything to ask, if no we can end the meeting.

Round 3(F2F interview Held on Zoom): The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself as he was going through my resume. 

  • He asked me questions about my projects and resume.
  • Then he asked me about RB trees and B+ trees. He then asked me about how I would design search in databases.
  • Then he asked one application, There is a queue in a hospital and if your family member is in the middle, tell me a data structure that is best suitable for this application.

After this around 13 people were shortlisted.

Round 4(Telephonic interview): I was not shortlisted to this round.

A total of 8 people were selected for full time positions.

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