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Wells Fargo Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2021
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Wells Fargo visited our campus to hire pre-final year students for summer internship roles. 169 students were shortlisted based on their CPI(all above 8). There were three rounds, first was an online test, followed by 2 rounds of interviews.

Round 1: Online Test

This round was conducted on the AMCAT platform. There was no negative marking. Attempting all the questions was mandatory. It had 3 sections:

  • Verbal Section: 10 questions to test your basic verbal skills like finding grammatical errors, choosing the most appropriate phrases, and passage-based questions. 15 mins were allotted and free navigation among the questions was prohibited. Questions were fairly simple and easy.
  • Business Aptitude: 14 questions based on stocks and basic economics, just to test your logical reasoning and decision making. No prior knowledge of stocks was required as such. 25 mins were given and free navigation was again prohibited.
  • Coding: There were 2 coding questions one was easy, other was of medium difficulty(the difficulty is of course relative). The summary of the 2 questions is as follows:
  • Exactly based on the Josephus Problem
  • Based on rearranging of string: A string s was given which had duplicate characters and an integer K was given.We needed to rearrange the characters in such a way, that every same character is at least a K distance apart.

I was able to solve the first one fully and the second part. 47 students were shortlisted for the Interviews.

Round 2: Technical Interview with Tech Lead 

Time: 45 minutes

  • This was held on Zoom. The interviewer first introduced himself and asked me for an introduction. I gave an overview of my school to college journey, and then I told him about the technologies I learned(mostly it was Web development) in my first and second year and also gave a brief overview of the projects and the internships I did.
  • This was expected to be a generic DSA round. But he found my resume very interesting, he kept on asking about the projects in detail. He even asked me to share my screen and open the applications which I have built. There was a project on Collaborative video chat with shared doc. The interviewer joined the chat app with me to test its working. He asked a lot of in-depth questions related to what I had implemented based on networks since my project was built around it, how would I now implement some new features on top of this, how to make this app more useful for the user, etc.
    After that, he asked about how well versed I am with system design, to which I had to answer not very much. 
    Then he deep-dived into some of the other projects I did use React and also discussed my internships.
    Then he asked me to show a project to showcase my frontend skills, I showed one and he asked a few more questions about it.
  • Then he asked me if I have any questions for him. I asked a few about the company, the tech stack, and finally about my feedback or some pointers about how I can improve. He told me that my resume looks like some experienced person, doesn’t look like that of an intern.
    He also told me to study design as this resume will set a higher expectation. He also wished me luck for the next round.

About 30 people were shortlisted for the second round.

Round 3: HR + Tech Interview with Senior VP  

Time:17 minutes

  • This round was again held on Zoom. She asked me about my intro in detail and started discussing my resume.
  • The interview got a bit informal and she started cracking a few jokes here and there. Like when she noticed my coding username, she started laughing about it and asked me how I came up with this. Then she asked me how did my past internship experiences help me grow as a person in the professional world. Then she started asking about my college curriculum. She wanted to test whether I am well versed with the courses taught in college. Then she asked me my preferred language, to which I answered C/C++ for my problem solving and JavaScript for my projects, She directly asked me whether I knew Java to which I denied and got a bit nervous. Then she asked me the difference between C and C++. She also asked how I implemented OOP in my projects. Then she diverted to some HR questions, like what are my strengths and weaknesses, why should we hire you, etc.
  • Then I was given the opportunity to ask her some questions. I asked what skills, according to a manager, should an ideal candidate have? I also asked which team would I be a part of?

This was concluded in around 20 mins Same-day results were announced. Total 9 people were finally selected and I was lucky to be among them.

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