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Wells Fargo FTE Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2021
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Wells Fargo visited our campus during the 1st week of August. First, they had a PPT, which was followed by a test. Criteria were 7+.

Round 1(Online Test – 100 mins): The test was divided into 3 sections

  1. Verbal  
  2. Business Aptitude
  3. Coding

Verbal: 12 questions in 15 mins based on detecting grammatical errors fill in the blanks and vocabulary.  

Pro Tip: Start by looking at the question and search for the phrase/word which they are asking for in the question. I have given Wells Fargo tests during my Internship drive also, so I have noticed that their passages are connected, so don’t skip questions without reading.

Business Aptitude: 15 questions in 25 mins. These were interpretation questions based on business graphs, candlesticks, etc.

Pro Tip: Read the question first and then see which graph to refer to and which one to skip. Questions are designed in such a way that it contains a lot of unnecessary information so as to confuse the students.

Coding: 2 Questions in 60 minutes

  1. A company system is attacked by a virus. The system has N running applications, each having a unique ID 0 to N-1. John has made an antivirus to detect the virus application in the system. John’s antivirus works on an algorithm. The algorithm finds the group value of the applications by dividing the sum of the IDs of all the applications by two. The ID of the application which is nearest to the group value is then marked as scanned and is removed from the list. The process then continues with the remaining applications until only one application is left. That remaining application is detected as a virus. The antivirus will then remove the file with a virus.Write an algorithm for John to find the ID of the file with a virus in the system.
    1 3 5 7
    Output: 5
    1 2 3 4
    Output: 5

    My Approach:

    In a while loop I calculated the sum of the array and deleted that element which was closest to sum/2. And this loop executed till there was only one element left.

    For example:

    Iteration 1: 1 2 3 4, 
    sum=10, sum/2 = 5, delete 4
    Iteration 2: 1 2 3, 
    sum=6, sum/2 = 3, delete 3
    Iteration 3: 1 2, 
    sum=3, sum/2 = 1, delete 1
    At last only element 2 is present.
    I was able to pass 10/11 Test 
    cases of this question.
  2. Second was a graph question

    In a state, there are N villages numbered 1 to N. The villages are connected to other villages by bidirectional roads. All the villages are connected to other villages either directly or via some other village. Also, there is only one road between any two villages. The rural funds were properly utilized if there exists exactly a single path between any two villages.

    Write an algorithm to output 1 if the rural funds were properly utilized else output 0.

    Output: 0

    My Approach: To be honest, I had spent most of my time in question 1 so when I was at question 2 there was very little time. As in this question the output is in 0 or 1. I used the trick of just taking the inputs and returning 1, 9/18 Test cases were passing. After that I applied the odd/even rule in this question which means I returned 0 when n is odd and 1 when n is even. Now 12/18 test cases are passing and I was very happy at that time. Because I was able to pass 12/18 test cases within 2 minutes.

31 students were shortlisted for the next round(List came around 7 p.m- same day). Most of the students had passed a partial test case of 1 question and 2-3 test cases of another one. Also the questions were different for all.

Technical Interview 1(next day): The Interviewer greeted me and asked me to introduce myself. Then she told me that in this interview I have to code 2 questions and then at the end she would do a dry run on my code.

  1. Job Scheduling problem with some added constraints: First I wrote the code using brute force and then optimize it and then my interviewer ran some corner cases orally, some of them were not passing, but then I made some adjustments and at then all the test cases were running and my interviewer was impressed with me.
  2. What is LRU? She showed an example of LRU and asked me to code it. As time was less ,I told my approach to Ma’am and then she asked me about how my algorithm would behave under some corner test cases, and explained to her in detail how the code would execute.

After this my Interview was completed.

  • My interview went pretty well, but I was not called for round 2. I had lost any hope of getting into Wells Fargo. The main disappointment was how I was not selected for round 2 even after having successfully answered all the questions. (My interview was completed by 12 pm)
  • So after all the interviews of other students( one more technical and one hour), the list of 7 selected candidates was published at 8 pm. To my surprise, I was one of them. Our CR asked if there was any mistake in the list, the HR replied that they had considered the overall score of test, technical interview 1 and technical interview 2. One more student was selected without having a technical interview 2.
  • And technical interview 2 of most of the students went pretty bad. (Some were asked to code a particular functionality of their project). So the reason was that when all the interviews were completed, they compiled the score and selected  the students with maximum score and as I have performed well in my test(as all other had done only 1 question and I had passed 10/11 and 12/18 test cases) and my interview score was also high, so I was selected.

I would like to thank Geeks for Geeks for helping to prepare. I had enrolled in a complete placement preparation course on GfG which improved my confidence in DSA.

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