Wells Fargo FTE Interview Experience 2019

Pre PPT round

Round 1: OT had pretty simple coding questions. The difficult part of the online test was business-oriented question like stocks, shares, graph-based analysis, etc. English and aptitude questions were also simple.

120 students gave the OT and 40 were selected.

Post PPT round

Round 2: After OT they there was a written round to screen students for PI. This round had puzzles questions (need to describe the solution), basic core CS questions(OS, DBMS, COA, Data Structures, Networking, OOPs etc) as MCQs and 2 coding questions (DP, String). The coding questions were good and one needs to write a clean and well-commented code to get selected for PI.

20 students were selected for PI.

PI Rounds

Round 3: First round they asked one coding question on linked list(had to write code on paper) and basic CS questions based on the projects I mentioned in my CV. Mostly OS and OOPs. They ask to implement your CS knowledge on real-world problems which are kind of system design questions.

Round 4: Second round was HR round and they asked a few things on my projects. Asked me about my interests hobbies and desires to go for higher studies.

Round 5: Third round was just to ask about the work I did in my summer internship and a few HR questions.

Only 3 students got the offer and I was one of them.

My advice would be to stay prepared with the basics of CS core subjects. A bit of coding practice(Geeks for Geeks and Hackerrank etc) would help you think quickly and write a clean code. Prepare yourself with a good software development experience through projects so that you can relate to the way the interviewer thinks. Don’t mix up your solution if you don’t know the correct one. Ask hints and stay calm to think properly before presenting your final solution.


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