WedMeGood interview Experience

Round 1: First round was pen-paper based coding and logical reasoning round comprising of a few data structures questions and puzzles.

Q1. Mirror a binary tree. Solution:

Q2. Rotate a 2D matrix anti-clockwise by 90 degrees without using extra space.


Q3. Given a linked list in which the nodes have data of type vector<char>. Different nodes may have different number of characters. For example [a]-> [b, c] ->[d, d, c] ->[b, a]. Check whether it makes a palindromic sequence or not. Constraint: You can’t use extra space or modify the list.

Then there were 2 puzzles :



Round 2:

This was a semi-tech round with the CEO. It mainly focussed on the resume. All the projects I had done and all the technology stack I knew was asked.

A few questions regarding Node.js and Django  (mentioned in resume)

Round 3: 

Once again there was a technical interview round.

Q1. Find an element in a rotated sorted array in log(n) time complexity.

Q2. Given an array consisting of positive and negative numbers. Rearrange the array such that the positive elements come to the left and the negative elements are shifted to the right. Constraints: The order of the elements (positive and negative) must be maintained and also no extra space allowed to be taken.

Q3. BFS, DFS in a binary tree.

Q4. Given an infinitely long linked list. You don’t have the head pointer. You have the pointer to a node b and you have to delete this node from the list.

I/p : …………-> a -> b -> c -> d -> …………..  (Given pointer to b )

O/p: …………-> a -> c -> d -> …………..

Q5. Puzzle : 3 prisoners, 5 hats problem.

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