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Last Updated : 02 May, 2023
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A webpage is a digital document that is linked to the World Wide Web and viewable by anyone connected to the internet having a web browser. It can contain any type of information, such as text, color, graphics, animations, videos, sounds, etc. 

A webpage is a document that is written in the HTML, it can be viewed from the Internet. It can be accessed by entering the URL on the address bar of the web browser.

Components of a Webpage : 
As you already know that a webpage is a digital document containing information in digital form, still we are asking this question – What does it contain or what are its compositions? Well, this question can be answered in more than one way : 

  • Components of a webpage, Content wise
  • Components of a webpage, Structure Wise

ContentWise : 

Content-wise the components of a webpage are: Hypertext and Hyperlinks

  1. Hypertext : 
    It refers to a digital text, which is more than just text as it can include information in various media formats such as : 
    • text
    • color
    • graphic
    • animation
    • video
    • sound
    • hyperlinks
  2. Hyperlinks : 
    It refers to a link from a hypertext file to another such file. A hyperlink can be in the form of a graphic or text, upon clicking where the linked document opens up.

Structure Wise : 
Structure wise the components of a web page are : 

  1. Page Title – 
    This is a single line text which is displayed on the title bar of the browser displaying web page. 
  2. Header – 
    This is generally a one or two line text (sometimes a graphics/image) defining the purpose of the web page. It is displayed at the top of the web page, below the address bar of the browser. 
  3. Body of the Web page – 
    This is the section below the header of the web page and it contains the actual content of the web page. 
  4. Navigational Links – 
    These are the hyperlinks placed on the web page using which you can move the linked web pages/documents.  
  5. Footer – 
    This is the bottom section of the web page. This is the section where usually the copyright notice, website contact information, etc. is put. 

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