Ways of transforming one string to other by removing 0 or more characters

Given two sequences A, B, find out number of unique ways in sequence A, to form a subsequence of A that is identical to the sequence B. Transformation is meant by converting string A (by removing 0 or more characters) to string B.


Input : A = "abcccdf", B = "abccdf"
Output : 3
Explanation : Three ways will be -> "ab.ccdf", 
"abc.cdf" & "abcc.df" .
"." is where character is removed. 

Input : A = "aabba", B = "ab"
Output : 4
Expalnation : Four ways will be -> "a.b..",
 "a..b.", ".ab.." & ".a.b." .
"." is where characters are removed.

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The idea to solve this problem is using Dynamic Programming. Construct a 2D DP matrix of m*n size, where m is size of string B and n is size of string A.
dp[i][j] gives the number of ways of transforming string A[0…j] to B[0…i].